Windows 11 is here: A cleaner look, focussed on performance

Windows 11 feels like homeIntroducing Microsoft Windows 11! After a leaky buildup, release day is finally here. The OS update will soon be available as a free update for Windows 10 PC users. Windows brings a new multi-platform approach to the user interface. The new features intuitively adapt to your choice of device, depending on if you’re using a tablet, laptop, or multi-display setup. This is made simple with the new window management system and the ability to save screen sets and workflows. Some important developments also include a completely new app store and the capability to now run Android apps natively. Let’s take a closer look!

Snaps in Windows 11
Widgets in Windows 11

Windows 11 feels like home

As Microsoft CPO, Panos Panay emotively explained at yesterday’s Windows event, the user interface has been redesigned to make you feel at home. With a familiar feel, the cleaner more simplified environment relies on functions generally more associated with Mac OS X. The Snap Layouts feature is an intuitive workflow optimization tool that allows you to create customized layout profiles for each situation. Although the smart and seamless integration between devices is impressive, Mac users have enjoyed similar functionality with Expose and Spaces on OS X for many years so this is hardly groundbreaking.

Windows 11's central Start menuA definitive move toward productivity

What is far more promising is the move toward a more performance-focused system. Windows 11 claims to be more energy-efficient than ever, with improved security and cloud integration. Even the notorious Windows updates have been reduced in size considerably. Windows has always been favored by the gaming world as a superior graphics environment, so the revamped App store expands on this market. Integrating 3rd party and Android apps and allowing developers of games and software to run their own commerce engines are inclusive moves for Microsoft, but what are the benefits of Windows for pro audio users? If anything a cleaner, faster user interface with less bloat-ware is a definite improvement, so stay updated on DAW and Plugin compatibility. This could be a new era for Windows users.

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