Grone Expander: Post apocalyptic drone machine

Maneco Labs Grone ExpanderThe Grone Expander has more than double the trouble of the Grone Drone Synth with touch control, wavetables, delay and piles of radioactive dirt.

Grone Expander

What a delightfully horrid module that’s brimming with evil intent and mountains of noise potential. It has 2 Drone Synth oscillators coupled with 2 wavetable oscillators messed about by 2 multi-wave LFOs and bashed around by a modulated delay before having its face rubbed in the Dirt stage of the output.

Drone Expander can be completely standalone in your rack. You can abuse the oscillators with the 4 touch plates that are possessed by 4 pitch screaming skulls. With the flick of a switch it will drone for you letting you keep your hands free for throttling other knobs. You can modulate the internal organs with the LFOs while controlling the levels of pain to each parameter.

Maneco Labs Grone Expander

Maneco Labs Grone Expander

Two of the oscillators generate sound based on 16 equations. They call these Bytebeat Oscillators and you can select the equation via switches on the front panel. Another control pulls in the sample rate, pitch and speed of oscillation. The other two oscillators are wavetable based with waveform selection and morphing.

The sound is gooey, animated and exciting and the delay really helps with that while the touch plates bring in more musical elements pushing it into all sorts of creative spaces.

The Grone Expander is available now for $465.

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