Elektron Digitakt OS 1.30 Update: Filters, 2nd LFO and more

Digitakt UpdateDigitakt owners rejoice! Elektron has a bunch of goodies for your sampling drum machine including another LFO, external signal mixing and new filters.

Digitakt OS 1.30

It’s always great to see new features added to hardware products and Elektron always seem to bring a lot to the table with every update.


First up is the second LFO which seems the same as the original but of course, doubles your modulation possibilities. It can also modulate the first LFO which could get interesting. The update extends to the display with LFO waveshape and phase now represented in the window.


The multimode filter has been expanded to include an EQ mode and a new envelope delay which is ideal for processing transients.

Elektron has introduced the bass-width filter from the Digitone that allows you to process bass sounds with high low and bandpass filtering independently from the main filter.

Elektron Digitakt

Elektron Digitakt


The sampling inputs can now be used for mixing external signals. You can use it as a stereo source or split it into two mono signals which is perfect for running in a couple of synths. You can then process them through the reverb, delay effects and master compressor.

Other bits

The pitch range has been increased to a whole 3 octaves down. They’ve introduced multitrack step recording and resampling of individual tracks.

In order to use the Elektron Digitakt OS 1.30 with Overbridge, Overbridge must be updated to version 2.0.58, which has also just been released.


The Elektron Digitakt OS 1.30 update can be downloaded free of charge from the Elektron website for all Digitakt owners.

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