NUSofting Sinmad: VA and physical modelling synth for improvising sounds

NUSofting SinmadSinmad has a novel approach to sound generation and a peculiar and organic voice combining two methods of synthesis in a colourful interface to encourage improvised sound discovery.


This is probably not what you think it is. Reading the description in the manual it becomes apparent that this is more of the contents of the developer Luigi’s head than a regular synthesizer. It’s been designed to follow his way of thinking, his approach to music-making and his desire for chaotically interesting sounds. While it has elements of regular synths like oscillators, filters, envelopes and whatnot it also has less common devices such as a resonant delay network and a harmonically integrated attack transient.

Luigi concedes that the interface can be a bit busy and confusing but once you align yourself with his way of thinking then many adventures in sound discovering will be forthcoming.

NUSofting Sinmad

NUSofting Sinmad

The Delay Network is a key feature that operates as three delay lines and comb filters feeding into each other and modulated to within an inch of its life. Each voice can have its own delay network and so with 8-voices of polyphony, there’s a lot of room for chaotic and organic creativity – or craziness if you prefer.

The sounds being generated are strange and interesting. Luigi says that learning to use the interface effectively is key to all this. There’s some cleverness going on with the value boxes where they respond to movements differently depending on which way you drag them. This is what starts getting interesting around the ideas of improvisation and tweaking sounds on the fly.

This is one weird synthesizer and you should probably go and download the demo.

Sinmad is available now for €81.50 for macOS and Windows in VST and AU format.

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