Algonaut Atlas 2: AI-driven sample manager and beat creator gets bigger and better

Algonaut Atlas 2Developer Algonaut is ready with Atlas 2, a major upgrade to its sample management and beatmaking software. Atlas 2 scans your sample folders for drum sounds, recognizes their type (kick, snare, cowbell, etc) from inside the sample, and groups the sounds together in colored clusters. This makes it very easy to audition sounds, create drum kits, and even sequence some beats. The software runs in standalone or plug-in form and is compatible with macOS, Windows and Linux computers.

Algonaut Atlas 2 sample manager and beatmaker

Algonaut Atlas 2 is a sample manager and instrument which can be used as a sample library for one shots and as a loop generator for beats. This way, you can quickly put together drum sets and come up with new ideas.

Compatibility with Linux (in addition to macOS and Windows) and having a standalone version of the software are useful new additions. They open Atlas 2 to more users and live performers will be happy to run the software outside of a DAW. Additionally, the plug-in now saves all samples in your DAW project so that you don’t lose files and you don’t have to save everything in the instrument again. Editing individual drum sounds is also made easier. Several sounds can be tweaked at the same time and a new MIDI Follow function automatically selects drum sounds when a pad or keyboard key is triggered.

Atlas 2 also brings a new Galaxy Mode that shows all samples at once in an automatically generated map. There, neighboring samples with similar sounds are grouped together and it’s easy to try different variations. Furthermore, Atlas 2 supports more audio formats, such as WAV, AIFF, FLAC, OGG, MP3, and others. The sequencer is deeper as well, with more functionality and the option to export your loop as an audio file. There’s lots to go over if you are interested – the changelog may be a better source of information.

Price and availability

Algonaut Atlas 2 is available now for USD 99. Upgrading from version 1 costs USD 19 (the offer appears after logging into your account). The plug-in is 64-bit only and runs under macOS 10.13 or later as VST3 and AU, Linux Ubuntu 16.04 or later as VST3, and Windows 7 or later as VST3. The instrument also works standalone under all listed operating systems. You can download a free trial version from Algonaut to try.

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