Nemesis 2: reinvents FM synthesis with NeoFM

Nemesis 2Tone2 are boasting an easier and more powerful version of FM synthesis in the new version of Nemesis. So, what’s NeoFM got to offer?

Nemesis 2

First of all Nemesis 2 covers all the usual methods of digital synthesis like Additive, Waveshaping, Classic FM (not the radio station), Phase Modulation, Phase Distortion, Formant Synthesis, Crossblending, Resynthesis, Resonance and PWM of all sorts of waveforms. So it sounds like Nemesis has got you covered regardless of what sort of synthesis you’re after.

However, with NeoFM they say they’ve taken FM to the next level, the next evolutionary leap. Apparently, regular FM “is limited to bell-like and unpleasant metallic sounds” when using analog oscillators that lack the precision needed to make musical use out of it. Digital FM synthesizers are really using Phase Modulation to generate sound. Surely this is heresy? What NeoFM does is combine both methods, drops all the negative stuff and just keeps the really ace stuff for great sounds. Yay!

They don’t really tell you how it all works but both layers of sound have a big NeoFM knob so it’s probably a good idea to twist it. It seems to connect envelopes with feedback and key tracking.

Evidently, Nemesis 2 is all the synth you’ll ever need.

New in version 2

This major update is free to all users and comes with a nice and new big interface to cope with the changing nature of our screens. It now has a randomising feature to generate an infinite number of new sounds provided you hit that button an infinite number of times. They’ve bolted in a load more waveforms, added a Hypersaw function, a Haas Effect for positioning and a nice fat Chorus.

It probably needs to be experienced to be properly understood and you can try a free time-limited demo to see if this evolution is the sort of FM you’re looking for. Although don’t forget it does everything else as well.

Nemesis 2 is currently available for $99.

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