HY-SEQ32: Analog inspired 32-step sequencer for your DAW

HY-Plugins HY-SEQ32HY-Plugins has harnessed the vibe of hardware step sequencers to bring evolving patterns and modulations to the desktop.


The interface sets up to 15 lanes of step sequencers all of which harbour a huge amount of functionality. But at the heart, you get two pages of 16 knobs that you set to control what you want to send it to. You can choose from 5 different types of sequencer. You have your good old Pitch sequencer, Parameter sequencer, CC sequencer, Octave/Transpose sequencer and a CC Rack (not sure what that does).

The Parameter sequencer taps into the parameters of loaded Pitch sequencer lanes and messes them about. The CC sequencer routes out to mappable controls on your sound source. Each module has 8 modulation controls, 8 macro knobs and 8 snapshots and of course, you can sequence the snapshots.

It has other useful features like a Chord generator and Scaling effects and an unusual 5 track MIDI recorder.

It looks a little daunting but all you’ve got to do is hit the randomise button and start fiddling and all will become clear, or at least you’ll have fun working it all out. Step Sequencers should be a standard feature of a DAW but they rarely are and so something like HY-SEQ32 can give you a glimpse at a completely different and totally engaging way to make music in the creative space of your computer.

HY-SEQ32 builds on their existing HY-SE16x2v2 plugin and is a free update to existing users. Otherwise, it will cost you $35 until the 24th June, $50 afterwards. There’s a free demo so it’s worth checking it out before you buy. Available in VST2 and VST3 formats for macOS and Windows and AUv3 for Logic.

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