Gig Performer 4: Build your ultimate live performance rig

Gig Performer 4Gig Performer 4 transforms your plugins and VSTi’s into an impressive live performance rig with better-looking widgets, a new Global Rackspace, zoomable wiring and a probability engine.

Gig Performer 4

I really like Gig Performer. Even from the slightly chunky starting point it had a charm and easy workflow that let you create and control quite complex setups for live performance. It’s the idea where rather than loading up VST plugins in a DAW you use Gig Performer as a more streamlined and thoughtful approach to your virtual instruments and effects. Perfect for creating live performance sets. Although I’d usually use it for live processing of modular synths or simply to combine a bunch of synthesizers to play with while coming up with macro controls for some serious modulation and expression.

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Version 4 builds on all that in a number of ways which includes making it look better. The visuals were always a bit underwhelming and while they remain understated – which is no bad thing in a live performance situation – the latest widgets look a lot better and give it a slightly more professional vibe.

Otherwise in version4, we get a Global Rackspace, zoomable wiring, scaling curves, a probabilistic sound designer, favourites and presets and a MIDI file player.

The Global Rackspace is like an effects bus that you run other rackspaces into. So rather than loading up the same bunch of effects (or instruments) in each rackspace you can leave the Global one open all the time and route things to it.

The Probabilistic Sound Designer looks very interesting. You load it up with your synth or effect parameters and then get to work randomising and generating patches. You can set ranges and definitions of how far things go and create entire engines of possibility. This is a really nice feature.

Many more updates and adjustments are included in version 4 that make this a contender for the best live performance software on the market.

Gig Performer 4 is available now for $169 for macOS or Windows or $199 if you want to license it on both platforms.

Plugin Alliance

The Plugin Alliance also distribute Gig Performer and have a custom made license that’s available for free to subscribers of their Musician and Mega bundles. However, it will only run Plugin Alliance plugins. For full VST support you’ll need the full version.

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