Xfer Records Updates FREE Dimension Expander With A New GUI

Dimension Expander by Xfer Records

Xfer Records release a free update to their Dimension Expander spatial expanding plugin. As someone who lives in an 18m² apartment, I’m very attuned to the expansion of space. And when you’re looking to do that in the audio world, Xfer Records’ Dimension Expander is one of the go-to places. Dimension Expander is directly based […]

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PreSonus updates Studio One to version 5.3 with scoring and workflow improvements

PreSonus Studio One 5.3 featuredPreSonus issued another substantial update to its Studio One DAW this year. Version 5.3 adds new features for scoring, creative production, live performance, and workflow improvements. Let’s check ’em out.

PreSonus Studio One 5.3 update

Version 5.3 gets musical symbols playback, making it possible to connect musical symbols and dynamic markings to the Sound Variations introduced in version 5.2. Musical symbols playback works with any orchestral library that features corresponding articulations. A new tab in the Sound Variations mapping editor enables mapping symbols to Sound Variations using simple drag-and-drop, or by auto-mapping based on the Sound Variation names of the currently-selected instrument.

A new Musical Symbols lane for the Note Editor lets you view symbols and Sound Variation events side-by-side. Apply musical symbols in either the Note Editor or the Score View, and they will render in both. Additionally, output mapping of Sound Variations has been extended to include MIDI channel information as part of the activation sequence, enabling virtual instruments to address specific articulations.

PreSonus Studio One 5.3 Dyamics Markings and Sound Variations 2

Dynamics Markings and Sound Variations in PreSonus Studio One 5.3

The update adds several new save, export, and archive options, including the ability to upload Zip archives directly from Studio One 5 Professional to a PreSonus Sphere workspace. This should be great for backing up or sharing Songs, Projects, and Shows with other Studio One 5 users. Furthermore, a consolidated “Convert To” option in Studio One Professional’s File menu enables exporting and archiving all referenced media files and alternative versions – with optional lossless audio file compression.

As part of the update, the Chord Track functionality introduced in Studio One 4 Professional is significantly enhanced with the ability to convert Chord events into Note events by simply dragging the Chord events to an Instrument Track. It is also possible to extract Chord notes from an Audio event and apply them to a MIDI Instrument via drag and drop. The Show Page in Studio One Professional adds drag-and-drop support for FX Chains and seamless patch changes between sounds, so sustained notes are not cut off during patch changes. MPE support for VST3 instruments has been implemented using Note Controllers in Studio One Artist and Professional. Shortcuts have been added to quickly open the External Device editor from a PreSonus ATOM or ATOM SQ pad controller. There’s more to the list of changes, which you can view here.

More information about PreSonus Studio One 5.3

Studio One 5.3 is a free update for registered Studio One 5 users and is included in PreSonus Sphere membership. For more information visit the PreSonus website.

PreSonus Studio One 5.3 Video

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99 Drum Samples II Is A FREE Drum Sample Pack By 99Sounds

99 Drum Samples II by 99Sounds

99Sounds released 99 Drum Samples II, a free drum sample library in 24-bit WAV format. 99 Drum Samples II is the follow-up to 99 Drum Samples I, the most popular 99Sounds release to date (closely followed by the Rain And Thunder sound collection). With over 450,000 downloads since its release in 2014, the first edition […]

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Get 425 SFX Sound Libraries For $19 (EXCLUSIVE DEAL)

Free To Use Sounds

Free To Use Sounds offers an exclusive 80% OFF discount to all Bedroom Producers Blog readers. You can get their full product line with 425 sound libraries for only $19 ($92.30 value) until July 15th, 2021. To get the 80% OFF discount, use the coupon code bedroomproducer at Free To Use Sound’s official Bandcamp page. […]

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TAL-NoiseMaker Updated With A Fresh New GUI

TAL-NoiseMaker by Togu Audio Line

Togu Audio Line updates the freeware synth legend TAL-NoiseMaker with a brand new look. TAL-NoiseMaker is available in 64-bit AU, VST, VST3, and AAX formats for macOS, Windows, and Linux. The developers at Togu Audio Line thought it was about time for an update, and I think this one will please a lot of people. […]

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SK-100 Is A FREE Buss Compressor By SNFK Music

SK-100 by SNFK Music

SNFK Music releases SK-100, a FREE dual stereo buss compressor for macOS and Windows. We have covered a few new plugins from SNFK recently, and it’s nice to see a developer dedicated to offering quality freeware. As with the other plugins, SK-100 is free to download from the SNFK Patreon page with the option to […]

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Spitfire Audio Releases FREE Organic Textures For LABS

Organic Textures by Spitfire Audio

Organic Textures is Spitfire Audio’s newest LABS sound library, and it features manipulated found sounds. There’s tons of free stuff out there, and we’ve probably covered most of them. But what’s really missing from most offerings is a clear vision. Every major company offers some of its stuff for free, but that’s what it is […]

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Deal: Save up to 96% on AIR Music Technology instrument packs

AIR Music Technology dealThis is the kind of deal you don’t see every day: For a limited time, you can save big on various software instrument and sample packs from AIR Music Technology. With discounts of up to 96% (yes, ninety-six percent!), there’s never been a better time to stock up on the company’s virtual instruments and sample libraries.

AIR Music Technology instruments and sample packs on sale

At first glance, it looks like a mistake: €9.50 instead of €249?! But yes, it’s true. For just a few days, many instrument and sample packs by AIR Music Tech are available at outrageously low prices. The various packs include high-quality instruments, software synths and sound libraries such as Hybrid, Velvet, Mini Grand, DB-33, Vacuum Classic, XPand!2, Loom II, The Riser, Vacuum Pro, SONiVOX Essential Keyboard Collection, Drum Synth 500 and Boom. But you’ll need to be quick: This offer ends on July 6, 2021!

At these prices, you could even go all-in and grab all five packs with more than 12 plug-ins for less than 60 Euros. What a great way to load up on synths and sounds for your next summer hit!


Tthe following instrument packs are available with huge discounts from Thomann.de*:

This offer is valid until July 6, 2021. The plug-ins require macOS 10.10 or higher or Windows 7 or higher. They’re available in AU, VST, VST3 and AAX formats (64 bit). You’ll need a free iLok account (or dongle) and an internet connection for activation.

More information about AIR Music Technology plug-ins


(*affiliate links)

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Lamprey Launches Mid-Year Sale (50% OFF) + 4 FREE Sound Libraries

Lamprey Launches Mid-Year Sale (50% OFF)

Lamprey offers the Designer Bundle of Kontakt instruments and SFX for $25 AUD until July 5th, 2021. The website also features a Free Downloads section with four freely downloadable libraries. The Designer Bundle ($140 value) is an extensive collection of instrument libraries and SFX packs that lends itself very well to ambient and cinematic music. […]

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Variety Of Sound’s fantastic free plug-ins are coming back in 64-bit

Variety Of Sound plug-insBy 2010 and onwards, computer power had caught up with DSP developers’ ambitions. We were having solid plug-ins and emulations of analog gear that felt and sounded fairly realistic. Many were released as freeware, too. The Variety Of Sound plug-ins by developer Herbert Goldberg are a pleasant throwback to that time and place. Herbert was dishing out warm, smooth-sounding mixing and mastering plug-ins like nobody’s business and gave them all away.

Variety Of Sound plug-ins

The VoS line-up included analog-style equalizers, compressors, console channel strips, exciters, saturators, a delay, a reverb, and the fantastic FerricTDS tape dynamics simulator. The Thrillseeker VBL and LA stand out as well, being utterly convincing emulations of Fairchild and Teletronix equipment which you wouldn’t expect to have for free. All plug-ins were on the cutting edge of DSP at the time, including non-linearity and oversampling. They were 32-bit Windows-only, however, and they never made the jump to 64-bit. At some point, hosting became an issue as well and downloads ceased to be available.

Variety of Sound FerricTDS

Variety of Sound FerricTDS

Herbert never really went away, though, writing up a quality audio production and development blog when not busy with life stuff. At long last, he’s getting to necromance those brilliant plug-ins into the 64-bit era with a public beta planned for July. He’s also searching for a reliable hosting solution to get downloads back online. The plug-ins will remain free. More power to Herbert!

While we’re discussing throwbacks to great free plug-ins, the Molot compressor is probably the most high-profile. Last october, Tokyo Dawn Labs reimagined and expanded developer VladG’s Fairchild-on-steroids dynamics monster in free and paid versions for Windows and macOS. Definitely check out Molot if you haven’t and keep up with the latest free plug-ins on Gearnews.

More information about Variety Of Sound

Variety Of Sound – Video

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