Minimal Audio Rift: All the modulated distortion you’ll ever need?

Minimal Audio RiftMinimal Audio has released Rift. The new plug-in combines a bi-polar distortion engine with extensive modulation capabilities. With other goodies like physical modeling feedback and morphing filters, is Rift the ultimate creative distortion plug-in?

Minimal Audio Rift

A couple of weeks ago, Minimal Audio launched Rift Filter Lite as a free preview of what Rift is capable of. And if their goal was to make our mouths water, they definitely succeeded. Now Rift is here, and it’s time to find out what the full version has to offer.

So what is Rift? In short, it’s a creative distortion effect that combines bi-polar distortion and waveshaping with a modulation engine that gives you extensive control over what’s happening. This lets you turn your drums, basses, synths, pads and anything else into modulated, distorted and filtered sounds unlike anything else.

To the left and right of the large waveform display in the center, you’ll find two distortion and waveshaping processors. One of them affects the positive part of the waveform, while the other works on the negative part. For both engines, you have a choice of multiple algorithms, including waveshaping, wavefolding, noise, and bit and sample rate reduction. The Play view also offers two macro knobs that can be used to modulate several parameters at once. This alone makes Rift a powerful tool for unconventional distortion effects.

Minimal Audio Rift

Advanced View

Extensive modulation

The Advanced View is where the fun really starts. This gives you access to Rift’s modulation engine, which can modulate pretty much any parameter of the plug-in. In addition to an LFO, there are two editable curves, which offer anything from simple envelope shapes to complex rhythmic modulations. Expand the curve editor, and you’ll find a large palette of predefined shapes and drawing tools for designing your own curves. Lastly, the modulation section includes a follower that reacts to the input signal. Modulations are easily assignable to any parameter using drag&drop.

Minimal Audio Rift

Curve Editor

The Advanced View also offers a feedback and delay section based on physically-modeled resonators. These can be tuned to specific notes, so you can bring out resonances to transform your sounds. And of course, the awesome morphing filter that was released individually as Rift Filter Lite is also included.

If you’re into creative, rhythmic, modulated distortion effects, Minimal Audio Rift looks like a plug-in you don’t want to miss.

Price and compatibility

Minimal Audio Rift is now available for an introductory price of USD 75. We currently don’t know how long this “early adopter period” will last. The regular price will be USD 129.

The plug-in requires macOS 10.9 or higher or Windows 10 (64 bit). It’s available in AU, VST and VST3 formats.

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