C-Suite C-Vox: room noise removal plug-in for UAD interfaces

C-Suite C-VOX UADNew UAD plug-in dropped today! Owners of Apollo interfaces and UAD hardware can have the C-Suite Audio™ C-Vox noise supression and vocal processing plug-in running on their low-latency platform.

C-Suite Audio C-Vox

With noise suppression tech designed by CEDAR Audio, C-Vox promises the best ambient room noise reduction for vocal and instrument recordings. The plug-in offers intelligent analysis and artifact-free processing. The user interface is very simple, with just two controls and a frequency display. The controls are Attenuation, Ambience, and a Noise / Room switch.

Noise mode has been designed to reduce general background noise and other problems encountered in small studios. You can dial-in the amount of attenuation you want and choose how the process handles genuine ambience in the signal.

Room mode is optimised to eliminate room tone and other nasty resonances, making it possible to achieve closer to professional-sounding results in small spaces.

While I doubt that C-Vox or any current noise reduction plug-in can be a panacea for recordings made in horrid condiitons, they can certainly bring them close to salvageable. Sometimes that’s enough to save the session. If C-Vox can get rid of reverb and room tone better than the rest, it ought to be worth the asking price.

Price and availability

C-Vox is available exclusively for Apollo interfaces and UAD hardware, priced EUR 349 or the equivalent in your currency. The plug-in requires the UAD 9.14 software update for Apollo interfaces and UAD accelerators. It was launched earlier this month, bringing along the API Vision channel strip collection to LUNA among other updates and fixes.

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