Moog Apps for free: Model D, Model 15, Animoog and Filtatron.

Moog Music AppsThis just in: All of the Moog Music Apps for iPhone and iPad have been made free to download. Grab your copy of the Model D, Animoog, Model 15 and Filtatron before someone notices!

Moog for free

Moog Music makes some pretty serious apps for iPhone and iPad but they’ve always come with a pretty serious price tag. While most paid-for apps cost a couple of dollars the Moog ones have a different approach. The Minimoog Model D usually goes for $16.99, the Model 15 stretches the budget to $32.99, Animoog is $21.99 on the iPad and £10.99 on the iPhone, while the Filtatron is a reasonable $5.49. However, for reasons we can’t explain and with no announcement from Moog Music they are all available in the Apple App Store for nothing, zip, nada, zero dollars.

They all contain optional in-app purchases of sounds, presets and such like and maybe Moog has decided to let those do the heavy lifting on profitability and let the rest of us enjoy the sublime sound of Moog synths on our phones and tablets. Or maybe it’s a mistake and normal service will be resumed shortly – we don’t know!

So, anyway, point your App Store at Moog and grab them while you can.

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