Overloud TH-U SuperCabinet: The largest collection of IRs ever?

Overloud TH-U SuperCabinetOverloud describes its new TH-U SuperCabinet as a revolutionary IR processor. It’s a cab emulation unlike any other, with possibly the largest collection of impulse responses ever made?

Overloud TH-U SuperCabinet

Impulse responses are practically the standard in the simulation/emulation of amps and cabs. Fluid Convolution Technology is one of Overloud’s in-house technology’s selling point, and one the company is very proud of. Overloud claims that digital artefacts, such as those found on other IR processors, are to be a thing of the past. Resampling is not necessary in this case and, according to the manufacturer, the results sound more natural while using a lot less CPU.

Overloud TH-U SuperCabinet

Overloud TH-U SuperCabinet

Multiband Mode

SuperCabinet works by bringing all these technologies together and adding a massive IR library that you can tweak and customise. Another feature is the multiband mode, which lets you use several impulse responses and assign them to different frequency ranges. This allows you to define the sound in a targeted manner and create your own custom blends to use how you please.

Mono – Stereo

The stereo controller transforms impulse responses, which are actually only available in mono, into stereo IRs. You can then use them in combination with the multiband mode and avoid any phasing issues you might normally encounter.

Another nice feature of the TH-U SuperCabinet is the export function. Let’s say you have made a sound together with the above features, you can now create a new impulse response from it. And this can then be loaded with your favourite hardware modeller or other software packages, whether standalone or within a DAW.

Impulse Responses

With 1728 impulse responses included, it certainly has enough to start with. These come partly from designers such as Choptones or The Amp Factory. And you can always download more from Overloud – at the moment, there is even a sale on individual collections (19 euros instead of 29 euros).

Specification and price

Overloud TH-U SuperCabinet runs as VST, AU and AAX on macOS (10.9 or later) and Windows (7, 8, 10). Instructions can be found as a PDF on the product website. Until 31 May 2021, there is an introductory price of 49 euros, after which it will go back up to the usual 79 euros. But if you already own TH-U Premium, you won’t have to pay anything and can get it for free.

RRP – Introductory Price EUR 49until 31 May  and then EUR 79 

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