AVA Drum Flow: New Harrison plug-in designed to conjure beefy drum sounds

AVA Drum FlowHarrison Consoles continues its steady stream of digital products with the release of a new plug-in, AVA Drum Flow. Like other AVA-series plug-ins, it focuses on channel strip processing for a particular instrument – drums, in this case. It contains 6 freely routable processing elements going to a master section. The processing options go well beyond standard-fare EQ and dynamics. Let’s have a look!

AVA Drum Flow

First in line is the Drum Character module which detects drum transients and provides EQ controls for their Attack and Tail stages. Next is the Expander/Gate which mostly functions as expected. The Signal Generator module lets you beef up drums by blending synthesized sounds such as white noise and low-frequency sine waves. The Compressor and 32C Channel EQ modules are borrowed from Harrison’s Mixbus channel strip compressor (with added Attack and Release controls) and the analog EQ found on the manufacturer’s consoles. The latter features four bands with Frequency and Gain controls, high/low shelf filters, and Output trim. The final module is Filter, featuring low and high-pass filters with variable slopes.

The 6 processors are summed in the Master section with Input, Output and Routing controls. There, you can invert input signal polarity, adjust input and output signal trim, and set the routing order between the elements. Each can be individually bypassed, soloed, and reset.

AVA Drum Flow looks very capable and will probably conjure some monster drum sounds out of both acoustic and electronic sources.

Price and availability

AVA Drum Flow is being sold for USD 89 down from USD 179 until May 23, 2021. The plug-in is available in AAX, AU, VST, and VST3 formats for Windows, macOS, and Linux computers. You can download a demo version by clicking the Buy now button in Harrison’s web shop and leaving the free AVA Installer and Demo in the cart. The user manual is available for download as well.

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