Immersion Networks mix³: cloud-based 3D mixing for anyone

Immersion Networks mix cubedImmersion Networks has announced mix³ (mix cubed). The cloud-based spatial audio service lets you upload your audio files and create immersive 3D mixes for music, video and any kind of audiovisual content. Are you ready to mix in the cloud?

Immersion Networks mix³

mix³ (mix cubed) by Immersion Networks is a new, cloud-based mixing platform designed to allow content creators and producers to craft immersive, spatial mixes ready to be published. The developer says that listeners can enjoy the resulting mixes on headphones and earbuds without any special equipment. Sounds like a great way to harness the power of spatial audio for your video soundtracks, podcasts, music productions and cinematic compositions, without having to invest in expensive software and hardware yourself.

Information is still rather scarce at this point, but here’s what we know so far. mix³ lets you upload mono or stereo audio files. You can then use the platform’s graphical, browser-based user interface to position these sound sources relative to the listening position and adjust their proximity and depth. According to Immersion Networks, the resulting final mixes are ready to be distributed via streaming platforms just like conventional stereo mixes.

Immersion Networks mix cubed

Immersion Networks mix³: Spatial mixing in the cloud

According to Immersion Networks, they opted for a cloud-based system because of the computational requirements. All of the processing takes place on their servers, so you don’t need a high-powered computer workstation to use the service. The added benefit is that you can use mix³ anywhere. The pictures show the system running on various laptops and mobile devices, and the developer says that mobile device optimization is coming soon. While I don’t think that spatial audio is an absolute necessity for mobile content creation (at least at this point), it’s an interesting opportunity nonetheless.

Price and accessibility

At this point, mix³ is still in the early access phase, to which you need an invite. You can sign up on the company’s website. We’ll have to wait for the complete pricing information, but sources say that the introductory subscription starts at USD 9.99 per month. A free 30-day trial is available.

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