Multiphonics CV-1: A Eurorack style virtual modular from AAS

AAS Multiphonics CV-1Applied Acoustics is having a go at modular with Multiphonics CV-1 incorporating acoustic modelling technology with a clean and versatile approach.

Multiphonics CV-1

Kicking off with 35 modules Multiphonics CV-1 covers a lot more than just the basics. While the synthesizer building blocks are present in the VCO, VCA, envelopes and filters there are a lot of utility and processing modules that leans more towards experimentation and sound design than merely making beeps and boops.

The interface is simple and clear which is very important in my view. The layout is similar to Cherry Audio’s Voltage Modular with the browser on the left and a Toolbar running along the top but the styling of the modules seems much easier on the eye. The Toobar gives you the connection to your DAW, the MIDI control and sound destinations. On the right is an Effects and Setting bar and at the bottom is a little virtual keyboard that probably connects to something.

Multiphonics can run as a VST plugin within your DAW and so synchronisation shouldn’t be a problem. They include a Master Clock module to take care of how it responds to the DAW tempo. There’s also a Macros module for simplifying MIDI control and making big changes on a single knob. MIDI is also available via a Keyboard module that offers gate, pitch and modulation conversion.

To get you started they’ve pulled in a bunch of patch makers and sound designers to put together a library of patches to show off what Multiphonics can do. They’ve also filmed a series of tutorials to really get under the skin of what modular is about and how to start finding your way into complex patches.

There’s some interesting stuff in here like the Objeq Filter that’s based on acoustically modelled shapes and materials. There is plenty of waveform mixing and playing with voltages while keeping everything simple. As yet there are no dramatically complex modules, no takes on Mutable Instruments modules, or  much West Coast style wavefolding or Low-pass gates. But it’s a solid start.

Multiphonics CV-1 is available now for macOS and Windows as a VST, AU and AAX plugin or standalone. It’s at a special price of $79 for a limited time and there’s a free demo you can download to try it out.

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