Nembrini Audio Shimmer Delay: an ambient machine for your DAW and iPad

Nembrini Audio Shimmer Delay featuredDeveloper Nembrini Audio has a new product out and this time it’s not an amp sim. Rather, it’s the Shimmer Delay Ambient Machine plug-in, the kind of delay effect that turns a single note into an album’s worth of ambient soundscapes.

Nembrini Audio Shimmer Delay Ambient Machine

The plug-in is built on concepts and techniques from studio engineers and producers in the early 1980s. These mostly have to do with creative applications of reverb, pitch shifting, and feedback to produce rich, moving soundscapes out of any instrument and audio source.

The user interface is very clean and simple. It has been designed with live tweaking in mind, hence the color-coded controls and their smooth response. Ambient swells get their own section with Time, Sensitivity, and Ramp mode controls. The delay section gets the traditional time, offset, feedback, low cut, and high cut knobs.

The pitch shifter goes down an octave with adjustable level and regen controls. Shimmer, also important for that distinct liveliness, has level, distortion, semitones, and regen controls. A Dry/Wet mix knob and a pair of input/output peak meters complete the interface.

Shimmer Delay comes well equipped to deliver some dreamy sounds. Nembrini takes sound quality very seriously, and the introductory price makes the plug-in a bargain. If you like delay bordering on reverb and know the Pink Floyd stuff by heart, you might fall in love.

Nembrini Audio Shimmer Delay

Nembrini Audio Shimmer Delay

Price and availability

For a limited time, Shimmer Delay is being sold for USD 29, down from USD 79. A free demo can be downloaded from the developer’s website as well. The plug-in is available in VST2, VST3, AU, and AAX formats for 64-bit Windows and Mac computers. AuV3, inter-app audio and standalone versions for the Apple iPad are also available for USD 5.

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