VM2500 Collection: The ARP 2500 modules emulated in Voltage Modular

Cherry Audio VM2500Cherry Audio brings the ARP 2500 to Voltage Modular with VM2500 Collection. The bundle contains 21 modules based on the vintage modular system.


ARP continues to be a rich resource of desirable vintage sounds. The ARP 2500 modular synth is one of the rarest and has been brought to life recently by Behringer and their 2500 range of hardware Eurorack modules. Cherry Audio, in collaboration with Mark Barton from MRB Labs, has brought them into the software environment of Voltage Modular.

It will be interesting to see how they’ve tackled the conversion from a very unique matrix-based patching system to a Eurorack format of using patch cables. With the Behringer 2500 the work was done by Rob Keeble of AMSynths who had been working on the idea for many years.

Cherry Audio says that they’ve recreated all 18 of the original modules in “perfect detail” and added an oscilloscope, spring reverb and mixer. “We’ve eliminated the matrix-switch I/O scheme and replaced all connections with standard CV jacks, and added bi-polar CV attenuators to all modulation inputs for full compatibility with all Voltage Modular modules.” What’s important is that with synth designer Mark Barton they capture the classic sound of this legendary machine.

The VM2500 Collection is available now for $49. You’ll need Voltage Modular to run them and the Nucleus bundle is available for Windows and macOS completely free of charge. That’s a done deal I think.

The bundle comes with a bunch of presets to get you started and those are essential because old vintage modular is not always that easy to understand. However, one of the problems I have with software modular is that you have a choice of never-ending modules which can get a bit overwhelming. I would have liked Cherry Audio to include a few presets of standard ARP 2500 systems (if there is such a thing) so you could work within the constraints of a common collection of modules. There’s nothing to stop you doing this yourself of course but a bit of help from the experts would be appreciated.

Want to try it for yourself? Get the free Voltage Modular Nucleus version and you can have a 7-day trial of the VM2500 modules. Go and see what you think.

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Cherry Audio is hosting a live stream on the VM2500 Collection on Friday 16th April at 1pm PDT (9pm BST).

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