KINDZAudio DDpressor: multiband dynamics plug-in with selectable crossover filters

KINDZAudio DDpressorDeveloper KINDZAudio introduced DDpressor, a 4-band dynamics processing plug-in with some interesting frequency split options. Notably, you can define three frequency crossover points yourself and choose from four filter algorithms to control their “sharpness”.

KINDZAudio DDpressor

As a dynamics processor with four bands, DDpressor can serve as a compressor, limiter, expander, and gate. You can precisely define three crossover frequencies and choose four filter algorithms – 1Pole, Butterworth, Chebyshev, and Chebyshev 2. These are all going to sound a little different, so there’s room for critical listening and experimenting.

Each band has various dynamics processing parameters to adjust. In addition to Threshold, Knee, Ratio, Attack and Release controls, you will also find a frequency-selective sidechain with adjustable filter quality, as well as external sidechain input. There are also input and output signal level controls, along with peak meters for each band. While there is no parameter link, holding down the right mouse button and adjusting a parameter anywhere changes the corresponding parameter for the other bands.

A workhorse

Above the bands, there are global controls for Look Ahead, Mix, Input and Output Gain, and Clip. So there’s a built-in clipper if you want that. The user interface is stripped of eye candy, clear and to the point. You can get quite involved with this processor so some more metering options wouldn’t have hurt. But you can always use external metering plug-ins. As a final touch, you can save presets and choose them from a drop-down menu. All in all, DDpressor is quite the workhorse, especially if you need purely corrective instead of ‘character’ processing. It will probably do really good handling dynamics on your master bus.

Price and availability

KINDZAudio DDpressor is available in VST, VST 3, and AU plug-in formats for macOS and Windows computers. You can find a free demo version on the developer’s website. The price is EUR 50.

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