Deal: Buy a microphone and get iZotope RX 8 Elements for free!

iZotope RX ElementsThinking about buying a new microphone for podcasting, streaming or vocal recording? Here’s your chance to grab some essential software for free! Buy any mic from this list at, and you’ll receive a copy of the iZotope RX 8 Elements audio restoration software for free. But hurry up: this deal expires May 17.

Buy a microphone and get iZotope RX 8 Elements for free

Are you in the market for a new vocal mic? Or do you want to step up your podcasting or streaming game with a new, higher-quality microphone? You’re in for a treat! For a limited time, you’ll receive a copy of iZotope RX 8 Elements for free when you buy any mic from the list below at

iZotope RX 8 Elements includes everything you need to clean up and improve your voice recordings for a professional, high-quality sound. Its features came straight from iZotope’s acclaimed RX 8 audio restoration suite. You can reduce background noise and hum, remove clicks and pops and fix clipping issues in case the recording level was set too high. RX Elements also includes an audio editor with spectral editing, which is great for identifying problematic frequencies and surgically removing them. Say goodbye to noisy, distorted voice recordings!

iZotope RX Elements

iZotope RX 8 Elements

The list of eligible mics includes some tried-and-true classics, such as the AKG C214 condenser microphone or the dynamic Shure SM7B, a favorite for podcasting and live streaming. Other options include the Aston Microphones Origin, Lewitt LCT 440 PURE and Electro-Voice RE320.

If you record at your desk, a USB microphone such as the Shure MV 7, Rode NT-USB or Apogee HypeMiC is a great choice, as it eliminates the need for an audio interface. Just connect the mic to your computer and you’re good to go.

Deal: Buy one of these microphones and get free software

Microphone Price Link
Lewitt LCT 440 PURE €265 Product page*
Rode NT1-A Complete Vocal Recording €159 Product page*
Rode NT-USB €155 Product page*
Audio-Technica AT2020 €89 Product page*
Aston Microphones Origin €219 Product page*
AKG C214 €298 Product page*
Shure MV 7 Silver €239 Product page*
Shure SM 7 B €385 Product page*
EV RE320 €298 Product page*
the t.bone MB 20 €119 Product page*
the t.bone SC 400 €49 Product page*
Presonus PD-70 €129 Product page*
Audio-Technica AT2020 USB+ €129 Product page*
Apogee HypeMiC €349 Product page*
Marantz Pro MPM-1000 €49 Product page*
Behringer TM1 CompleteVocalRecording €89 Product page*

If you buy any mic from the list above at by May 17, 2021, you’ll automatically receive a free copy of iZotope RX 8 Elements (a €99 value).

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