Output Spring Sale: Save 35% on plug-ins and Kontakt instruments

Output spring saleAudio hardware and software maker Output is offering pretty big spring discounts for its plug-ins and Kontakt instruments (excluding Arcade) until mid-May. With discounts reaching 35%, anyone who’s interested in them can take the plunge at a more bearable toll for their wallets.

Here’s a little more about some of the plug-ins and instruments on offer:

  • Movement is an effect which specializes in rhythmic effects and sweeping, otherworldly spaces.
  • Thermal pairs a multi-band distortion stage with the modulation engine from the Output Portal granular effect for hot-rodded overdrive.
  • Substance is a “deeply produced” bass engine featuring mangled electric and acoustic basses, full live brass sections, sampled synthesizers, and experimental patches.
  • Portal is a real-time granulizer that lets you adjust parameters like density, offset, size, count, and shape.
  • Analog Brass & Winds is meant to creatively blend the sounds of wind instruments with those of synthesizers.

Output plug-ins and Kontakt instruments spring sale

The spring deals from Output include the effects plug-ins Portal, Thermal, and Movement; the virtual instruments Substance, Analog Brass & Winds, and Analog Strings; and the Kontakt instruments Signal, Rev, and Exhale.

You can get Output Portal, Thermal, and Movement at Thomann (affiliate link) for EUR 95 instead of EUR 149 each.

The plug-in instruments Output Substance, Analog Brass & Winds, and Analog Strings are available at Thomann (affiliate link) for EUR 129 instead of EUR 199 each.

You can get the NI Kontakt instruments Output Signal, Rev, and Exhale at Thomann (affiliate link) for EUR 129 instead of EUR 199 each. There’s also the Output REV/Signal Bundle available at Thomann (affiliate link) for EUR 219 instead of EUR 349.

The offers are good until May 16, 2021. The software runs under macOS 10.12 or later and Windows 7 or later in standalone, VST, AU, and AAX plug-in formats. The NI Kontakt instruments require an installation of NI Kontakt or the free Kontakt Player.

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Harley Benton AirBorne Go: A wireless desktop modelling amp for only €139

Harley Benton AirBorne GoHarley Benton roars into the desktop practice amp market with the AirBorne Go, a modelling amplifier that packs in a feature set we’ve never seen offered before at this price. It ships with a transmitter/receiver system for freedom of movement while playing, and includes functions like Bluetooth streaming, effects and a drum machine. There’s even a free app for editing the sounds. This looks like a smart package that could be perfect as a low-cost practice solution for home use.

Harley Benton AirBorne Go

First off, a quick look at the specification list shows that Harley Benton has not skimped on features here. The AirBorne Go is a compact desktop amp with an integrated wireless 2.4 GHz transmitter/receiver system, amp modelling, effects, drum tracks and a mobile app to boot! The wooden frame houses a 3” speaker with 3 Watts, if you want to play without headphones. Three “classic” amp models are included, as well as 12 on-board effects guitar amplifier models. So far so good.

Harley Benton AirBorne Go with transmitter

Harley Benton AirBorne Go with transmitter


But Harley Benton is clearly out to offer you more than the competition. The AirBorne Go is accompanied by a mobile Android and iOS app that allows advanced tone editing, so you can easily sculpt your tones and save your favourites. You can stream audio to the amp from your phone via Bluetooth, too, to play along to your favourite tracks. Another big plus is the 2.4 GHz wireless plug-n-play transmitter and receiver system. Harley Benton has bundled in its existing AirBorne 2.4 Instrument transmitter with the amp, which costs €69 on its own and can run for up to 6 hours before needing a charge. The transmitter can recharge using the amp’s USB port. All in all, it’s a neat solution in a simple package that looks appealing for many practice scenarios.

Harley Benton AirBorne Go control panel

Harley Benton AirBorne Go control panel


Apart from the USB port, the rest of the built-in I/O consists of an input jack, Aux/Line-in, a headphone output and a 9V DC jack (9V/1A adaptor included). The amp has controls for Gain, Volume, Tone and DLY/RV (delay and reverb), as well as a drum play/stop button and a tap tempo, presumably for the drum machine and the delay effect.

Harley Benton AirBorne Go wireless transmitter

Harley Benton AirBorne Go wireless transmitter

The perfect practise amp?

Having an onboard drum machine or metronome and the ability to jam along wirelessly to practice with backing tracks is obviously very useful to have in a practice amp. The 3-Watt 3″ speaker is in the same bracket as some of the desktop amps from Yamaha, Blackstar and Boss. and should be enough for home or office use. But now factor in all the other features and remember that this costs just €139. It’s a much lower price point than comparable amps with a similar feature set. If the quality of the amp sounds and effects are up to scratch, the Harley Benton AirBorne Go should be a serious contender as a do-it-all amp for home or the office. It’ll certainly get you a lot for your money.


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