Polyend Medusa V4.0: Introduces 6-voice 3-operator FM synth mode

Polyend MedusaPolyend has released a major update for the Medusa hybrid synthesizer which brings numerous enhancements plus an FM synth engine.

Medusa V4.0

The new play mode offers a gritty 12-bit 6-voice 3-operator FM synthesizer. It supports five digital algorithms and an extra analog voice and they’ve worked up a bunch of presets to get you started.

The FM synth is accessed and controlled via the same front panel as the rest of the synth while utilising the menu system and a few buttons combinations to reach each operator and their individual envelopes. The filter from the main synth still works as before so you have the rest of the Dreadbox designed synth engine to play with.

Other improvements include making the Channel Per Voice mode truly “per voice” and not “per oscillator” as previously. Adding MIDI program change, reworking pitch bend and glide and syncing the LFO to MIDI clock.

The presets (video below) sound pretty great to me and certainly give this intriguing and, I think, underrated synth another angle to boggle people with.

The firmware and FM presets are a free download from the Polyend website.

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