Headrush 2.3 Firmware update for Gigboard and Pedalboard

Headrush update with new 2.3 Firmware for the Gigboard and Pedalboard processorsThis free update to version 2.3 firmware for Headrush Gigboard and Pedalboard adds two new amp models, 9 new effects, an improved on-board looper and a host of system upgrades. 

Headrush 2.3 Firmware

We all love new toys, and free updates that bring new virtual amps and effects have the same effect. This latest 2.3 firmware update from Headrush adds a host of goodies to the popular Gigboard and Pedalboard processors, adding two new amps and some brand new effects to play with, plus an enhanced looper and system improvements all-round.

Headrush Pedalboard

Headrush Pedalboard

Orange AD30HTC emulations

You now have two Orange AD30HTC amp models, which gives you two channels of these British voiced combos, plus an acoustic simulator based on the Boss Acoustic Simulator as a new effect called ACOUST SIM. Overall, there is now some very tasty drives and distortions added, inspired by the Fulltone OCD, Boss DS-1, Klon Centaur and MXR Distortion. There’s even some modulation effects thrown in for good measure.

Headrush Gigboard leaked

Headrush Gigboard

Frippertronics Looper

The Looper’s Feedback control now allows for advanced Frippertronics-style looping, where new layers gradually replace old layers while recording or overdubbing the loop. This can serve as a very useful tool when creating new songs and ideas. The system has also had a few User Interface tweaks and built-in USB audio interface performance with Windows computers has also been improved.

At a Glance, what’s new?


  • ’05 TANGERINE 30 CH1
  • ’05 TANGERINE 30 CH2


  • D1 DIST
  • Added AMBI VERB to the Delay/Reverb FX category

Looper and Optimisation

  • Revised the Looper’s FEEDBACK control to better support Frippertronics-style looping.
  • Multiple DSP optimisation and UI improvements.

You can hear an overview of what is new in the official video below and follow the link below to grab your 2.3 firmware. As always, make sure you back-up your system before you do any updates.

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