Ruina Versio: Stereo distortion, wavefolding, shifting, saturating and added DOOM

Noise Engineering Ruina VersioNoise Engineering ask the question: how many different types of distortion can we fit on a single module? Ruina Versio is the answer.

Ruina Versio

Fold, DOOM, Drive and Smoosh are the sorts of parameters that tell you everything you need to know about this distortion module. Ruina (from the Latin “Destruction”) Versio has wavefolding, multiband distortion, 128dB of drive, octavizing, phase shifting, notch filtering and DOOM. This is epic!

Ruina is part of the Versio DSP platform and you may notice that the layout is very similar to the other Versio modules such as Imitor and Desmodus, and that’s because they are identical. This is Noise Engineering’s multi-firmware DSP platform where the same module can run different firmware and become an entirely different module. Over time they’ve developed specific flavours and functionalities and these result in a new front panel, new name and a load more things to play with. So if you pick up a Ruina Version stereo distortion you can also transform it into the Desmodo reverb or the Imitor delay. Conversely, if you already have a Version module you can drop the Ruina firmware onto it for free. However, these are all so good that you’re likely to get one of each anyway.

Noise Engineering Ruina Versio

Noise Engineering Ruina Versio

Getting into the details the Ruina is a stereo module but it can happily take a mono input. The Wavefolder is based upon the circuit from the Basimulus Iteritas Alter. The “Center” knob controls the centre of the multiband saturation while “Drive” pushes through the low, mid and high bands. “Phase” shifts the left and right signals to create phasing effects even if your input is mono. “8vise” controls a full-wave rectification distortion. “DOOM” is an evil sub-octave chorusing generator – of course it is! There are some switches to change the routing and to turn on the notch filter. “Smoosh” is a momentary button that blitzes the signal with 128dB of gain – can cause insanity.

Ruina Versio sounds like the most fun yet to come out of their DSP platform. The fact that it can also be other modules adds enormous value that’s only going to get better. Ultimately I think you’ll probably end up with at least two so you’ve always got a spare to try a new firmware out on. They should do a blank front panel where you can write labels on in chinagraph pencil.

The module is open for preorders in black or silver front panel for $345 and should ship on the 25th March.

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