Elektron Machinedrum gets an unofficial update

Elektron MachinedrumThe old Elektron Machinedrum gets some groovy new features in this unofficial firmware update from die-hard users Yatai Li and Justin Valer.

Elektron Machinedrum SPS1-UW OS X.04

The Machinedrum was released way back in 2001 and is still a very competent and useful box of percussion. It featured five synthesis methods of generating drum sounds and showed off Elektron’s powerful sequencing features. The last update was in 2016 and since then Elektron hasn’t paid it any attention.

Well, devoted users Yatai Li and Justin Valer were not going to stand for that and so have released their own firmware which adds a good bit of functionality. This includes some tonal pitch control, new LFO shapes, some extra waveforms for the GND section, multiple track triggering and more. According to this Instagram post it turns Machinedrum into a LYRA8 – that sounds awesome!

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The new update can be downloaded for free from the developers Github page.

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