PH Modular: 1U back panel extensions for Behringer synths mounted in Eurorack

Many Behringer synths are perfect for dropping into a Eurorack case but then you lose access to the back panel features. PH Modular has a solution.


It’s a really neat idea to bring those back panel functions back into use when the synth is mounted in a Eurorack case. PH Modular has one sorted out for the Neutron semi-modular synthesizer. It features a power socket with on/off switch, a USB connection, MIDI channel select and MIDI Thru, a headphone output with volume control, a main output and an auxiliary input. It all fits into a nice looking 1U panel that can be dropped into a 1U Eurorack row.

The Extension kit consists of the 1U Intellijel format Eurorack 42HP front panel, a TRS MIDI adapter, a TRS Jack, a spare MIDI Din socket in case you want to put it back in the original case and a bunch of screws and bits. The beauty of this kit is that it uses the existing back panel PCB and repurposes it for 1U Eurorack. To make this fit properly you’ll need to desolder and remove the existing MIDI Din socket and replace it with the supplied TRS one. That’s the trickiest bit and full instructions are included.

PH Modular Extension for Neutron

PH Modular Extension for Neutron

Be aware that modifying a products PCB will invalidate the warranty.

The whole kit costs just €35 plus shipping.

Christian Foucaud of PH Modular says that they are planning to offer a similar kit for the Model D, K-2, CAT, WASP and Pro-1.

It’s a really helpful little kit and keeps the versatility of a standalone instrument even though it might be used differently within a Eurorack environment.

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