Waves Audio Vocal Bender: A new real-time voice manipulation plug-in

Waves Audio Vocal BlenderAudio hardware and software maker Waves presents Vocal Bender, a new plug-in meant for vocal recordings. Vocal Bender lets you control the pitch and formants in real-time, but this isn’t exactly Auto-Tune or traditional pitch correction. It’s more of a tool to modulate and/or automate the pitch and formant parameters of a vocal track in real-time for creative effect.

Waves Audio Vocal Bender plug-in for vocals

In short, Vocal Bender is a simple effects plug-in to edit the pitch and formants of vocal lines. The best part is that it’s optimized to work at almost no latency. This means Vocal Bender can be used not only in mixdown, but also while recording to play live with your voice. There are two large controls to adjust the pitch and formant, which you can automate and modulate at will.

The modulation options are fairly deep, considering the plug-in’s apparent simplicity. You have up to two modulators, which can be an LFO and a step sequencer, two LFOs or two sequencers. For these, you can adjust and automate parameters such as Rate, Warp, Phase, Smooth, and Level. The modulation section adds a welcome layer of depth to Vocal Bender.

Additional controls include a Dry / Wet mix knob and a Flatten switch that sort of functions as “auto-pitch”. That’s not pitch correction, but ‘locking’ the pitch to a particular note to make your voice sound robotic. Good stuff all-around.

Prices and dates

Waves Audio Vocal Bender is currently available from the developer’s website at an introductory price of 58.32 USD instead of 149 USD. If you want to save even more, all you have to do is enter the coupon code CREATE40 in the shopping cart and the price will automatically be reduced to USD 35. The offer is active until February 28, 2021.

The plug-in runs under macOS 10.13.6 or higher and Windows 10 or higher in VST, VST3, AAX and AU formats. For authorization, you must install the free Waves Central software. A demo version and a PDF user manual can also be downloaded. Several presets are included in the package.

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