SynthVR: Cyberspace Modular is officially released

SynthVR42tones SynthVR modular synthesis environment for VR headset wearing synthesizer enthusiasts is available now on Steam.


I was impressed by the early version we saw back in June. Modular is the perfect application for this sort of spatial technology. To build and then interact with huge modular rigs is a pretty exciting concept and SynthVR does it brilliantly.

Sure, there are regular software versions of Eurorack and modular synthesis but virtual reality gives it a physical edge that is so much more immersive. The interaction is slightly mad and I imagine it takes some practice to achieve anything like a fluid workflow but then VR is all about having time on your hands.

I appreciate the little touches like the extended labels so that you can better see what the controls are and what the sockets do.

At the moment there are over 30 modules to play with and no limit on how many you can wire together. It’s easy to share your creations and patches with other users and the internet.

To run it you’ll need a decent PC and either the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift or Valve Index and it’s 15% off the retail price of £19.49 until the 7th February. Now would Valve or Oculus like to send me one so I can do a review?

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Me, immersed

Me, immersed

Tranzient Lite

While we’re on the subject of VR music we’ve been following the development of AliveIn Tech and their Ableton Live controller and Tranzient sequencer. They’ve just released a free version for the Oculus Quest and added some patching ability.

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