NAMM 2021: PRS launches new Mark Lettieri signature Fiore model

PRS launches new Mark Lettieri signature Fiore modelThis new PRS signature model for Snarky Puppys’ Mark Lettieri  is called the Fiore. That, as we all knew without googling it, is Italian for flower. The truss rod cover has a design drawn by Lettieri’s mother! Let’s take a closer look at this new guitar.

Mark Lettieri Fiore

The PRS Guitars 2021 Launch Party revealed some great new guitars, including a new signature model for Snarky Puppys’ Mark Lettieri called the Fiore. It features a swamp ash body, an HSS pickup layout and a 25.5″ scale length 22 fret maple neck with a matching maple fretboard. The majority of PRS models are a 25″ scale length, so that’s an interesting departure.

PRS Mark Lettieri Fiore model

PRS Mark Lettieri Fiore model

Nitro over Cellulose

The ‘Nitro over Cellulose’ finish comes in Amaryllis, Black Iris and Sugar Moon finishes. It’s understated, but looks beautifully executed. You also get a 2-Point Steel Tremolo with vintage style saddles, rather than the standard PRS trem with six screws on a blade edge. It’s a bit more Strat-like, in line with the PRS John Mayer Silver Sky model. Here’s what Mr Lettieri himself had to say about his new model:

“All guitarists have a sound in their head – a sound that evolves and grows as they progress, discovering all of the beautiful idiosyncrasies that define their individual voice. To facilitate this process, players need a vibrant, dynamic guitar that becomes a free space in which their personality can unfold. PRS and I designed Fiore (Italian for ‘flower’) to be this guitar.” 

Fiore Pickups

The guitar comes with a Fiore-H humbucker that should be able handle high-gain lead tones, yet also has a smooth top end that allows the pickup to be played clean. Two single coil Fiore-S pickups help to give a balanced tone with added clarity, designed to work with the humbuckers to give you that ‘bloom’ in all five positions.

The pickups are wired to a five-way blade switch: bridge position, bridge + middle, middle position, middle+ neck, neck position. The guitar uses a single volume and two push/pull tone controls for extra tonal variations.

This looks like a real player’s guitar to my eye, with a traditional layout in many ways. It ships in a PRS gig bag, so no hard case with this model, like the Silver Sky models.  You can hear the guitar in action in the demo video below. Mark, of course, makes it sound amazing.


More Information

More Information

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