Josh Scott of JHS selling his Klon Centaur #2 for $500k!

Klon number 2Yeah, I’m pretty sure Josh Scott is having a tongue-in-cheek poke at the insanity of over-inflated Klon pedal prices with this one. He has put his Klon Centaur #2, which is actually the first ever Klon made, up for sale on Reverb for a cool $500,000.

Klon #2 for $500k!

The story goes like this: Klon designer Bill Finnegan made Klon number #2 first, and kept number one for himself, which he built later. Therefore, number 2 is actually the first ever Klon Centaur pedal in existence. Josh Scott of JHS pedals fame, who currently owns the stompbox, is now selling it on Reverb for $500,000!

“You know what it is, if you want the best Klon, it’s this Klon. Bill [Finnegan, Klon designer] built/sold this #2 first as he sat #1 aside for himself and built it later.” – Josh Scott

Jef's Klon pedals

Jef’s Klon pedals. I had two, does this mean I could have got double?

Hand Delivery

Break to the tea and biscuits, because Josh will hand-deliver, in-person, anywhere on earth, for free! Allow 30 days from the date of purchase for him to clear his schedule and get it to you personally. He is so confident in the Klon that he only took one picture of the pedal on the listing, because we all know what it is, right?

My favourite comment from Josh on the listing has to be: “Buy it or don’t, I don’t really care”. I actually laughed out loud. He’s obviously taking the mickey out of everyone with this one!

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