Zplane PEEL: isolate and EQ instruments from a mix

Zplane PEEL EQAt this point, you probably wouldn’t think someone could bring genuine innovation to an equalizer. But Zplane begs to differ – convincingly so! The developer has released PEEL, an equalizer plug-in quite unlike others I’ve seen. PEEL employs spectral processing to present new possibilities and a very different workflow compared to even the most advanced EQs we have today.

Zplane PEEL – isolate and EQ instruments from a mix

PEEL greets you with a spectral visualizer where the contents of your track or mix are visualized and made distinct. From here, you get to click and drag around the frequency range representing the instrument or vocal you are targeting. Once you home in, the contents of your selection can be isolated from the whole and you can start EQ-ing.

This way, PEEL can effectively isolate instrument and vocal tracks from a mix right within your DAW. By soloing, muting, panning, or routing the isolated audio to another track for recording or processing, you can take out exactly what you need from a stereo recording and manipulate it as you wish.

For example, you can isolate the snare from a drum track and treat it separately from the kit. This kind of trickery used to require careful frequency separation or investing in a spectral processing suite like those from iZotope and Acon Digital. Now, it’s become part of an affordable EQ plug-in.

Judging by the demonstrations, the tech works just as advertised. However, it is not possible to send audio from PEEL to another track inside Cakewalk, Logic Pro, and Studio One.



Price and availability

PEEL costs EUR 39 (plus 20% VAT) and is available for Windows and Mac computers in VST, VST3, AU, and AAX formats. A free demo version can be downloaded as well.

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