Baby Audio Spaced Out: A modern space echo for the algorithmic age

Baby Audio Spaced Out featuredAfter a successful foray into delay and compression, Baby Audio has now targeted reverb in its series of well-regarded plug-ins. The developer has just released Spaced Out, which is shaping up to be a slick creative reverb/delay multi-effect with lots of potential for automating, modulating and sequencing its parameters. Let’s dive in!

Baby Audio Spaced Out

Spaced Out is an ambitious plug-in that presents a modern take on vintage “space echo” effects like the Roland RE-201 and the Binson Echorec.

The plug-in is laid out in three sections. The first is called Echoes and its centerpiece is a 16-step sequencer which resembles a Tic-Tac-Toe game. It’s used to sequence the echo/delay effects generated by Spaced Out. The sequencer has four modes – Straight, 2X, Dotted, and Triplet. An Intensity control lets you adjust the sequencer’s behavior via Sustain and Feedback controls. You’d expect these to be tied to the delay, but it is what it is.

Additional controls include Dimension (Off, Ultra-wide, Motion), Texture (clean, wonky, tape, lo-fi, hazy), Reverse (reverses delay feedback), and Filter (analog-modeled LP/HP filters). That’s an impressive amount of functionality for a dedicated delay plug-in, let alone a multi-effect.

Baby Audio Spaced Out GUI

Baby Audio Spaced Out GUI

Space, the second section, handles reverb. It features a circular X-Y pad to let you morph between reverb length and modulation parameters. The available reverb programs include vacuum, small space, medium space, and outer space. The controls are Pre-Delay, Stardust (adds a layer of shimmer to the reverb tail), Mellow (dual dampening filter), Clean-Up (cuts a bit of weight and density by feeding an altered dry signal), and Width (wide to mono).

Third comes the Mixer, which too gets an X-Y pad acting as the Wet/Dry blend control. A Generate button is present to randomize the plug-in parameters in ways that (may) make musical sense. The Lift-off control adds a pre-defined combination of compression, M/S processing and EQ to tie together the effected signals. There’s also a Ducker to automatically duck the wet signal while the dry signal is playing. This can be sync’d up to your project tempo for a quick pumping effect. The final control is for output volume.

The plug-in’s interface offers a choice between Light/Dark mode and is fully resizable. No small feat considering the graphics quality and busy animation!

Price and availability

Spaced Out is on an introductory sale, priced USD 39 down from USD 69 (44% off). Several bundle options and a free trial version are available. The plug-in includes 125 presets by credible producers, along with a user manual which you can download freely. The available formats are VST, VST3, AU, and AAX for Windows and Mac computers.

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