Vendaval: Atmospheric wind generator for game and sound design

VendavalCaio M. Jiacomini (@caiojmini) is a sound designer, developer and composer who builds his own audio tools as he needs them for projects. The latest is Vendaval a synthesizer that models the sound of wind.


It works by filtering the sound of pink noise and sounds incredibly convincing. There are four different algorithms at play modelling different aspects of air in motion. There’s Wooing, Background, Gusts and Rumble. All of them have a number of parameters to set the perfect amount of gusting woos or background rumbles. There are also some global controls over the filtering and envelope of the sound as well as a good dose of reverb at the end.

Vendaval is open source and developed with Csound that has to be installed for the plugin to work. Although it’s free of charge do consider throwing Caio a tip for his great work.

He’s got a couple of other plugins available too.


Possibly more impressive is this three oscillator granular synthesizer that’s full of randomisation and modulation. It’s pretty straight forward and the layout is nice and clear. Pick your waveforms, apply density and variation and then go to town on the LFO.


A straight-forward audio convolution plugin that can take reverb impulses or any other audio you want to pull the essence out of.

All of them work with Csound as VST plugins for macOS and Windows.

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