Waves CLA Epic: Chris Lord-Alge’s delays and reverbs in one plug-in

Waves CLA EpicWaves has released CLA Epic. The new plug-in brings a collection of Chris Lord Alge’s favorite delay and reverb effects to your DAW. Also included is a flexible routing system for unique combinations of effects.

Waves CLA Epic

Waves CLA Epic was foreshadowed by the CLA EchoSphere freebie, which Waves had released a few days ago for Black Friday. CLA Epic expands on the concept by delivering a selection of CLA’s favorite delays and reverbs in one convenient plug-in. Epic includes the two modules from EchoSphere and adds a few more. While EchoSphere is no longer available by itself, it’s included for free when you purchase Epic.

There are four delay and four reverb modules, which, according to Waves, are based on Chris Lord-Alge’s settings on his favorite studio gear. That said, they don’t tell us exactly which hardware was used for inspiration. The delays are named SLAP, THROW, TAPE and CROWD. On the reverb side, we have PLATE, ROOM, HALL and SPACE.

You can layer and blend these modules using the sliders at the bottom. This lets you create unique combinations of delays and reverbs. Each effect also offers a modulation control for adding “texture and spread”.

According to Waves, Chris Lord-Alge’s “extra secret” is sending his delays to his reverbs. While I’m not sure if this technique is really a secret, CLA Epic lets you accomplish this at the push of a button. The flexible routing system can send each delay to any or all of the reverbs, which provides many opportunities for experimenting with different combinations.

CLA Epic includes 50 presets by Chris Lord-Alge and over 300 more by other producers and engineers, among them Greg Wells and Michael Brauer.

Price and compatibility

If you’re quick, you can still grab Waves CLA Epic for USD 29.99 before their Cyber Monday deals expire in a few hours. The regular price will be USD 199. But, this being Waves, the next sale is probably just around the corner.

CLA Epic requires macOS 10.13.6 or higher (Intel only) or Windows 10 or higher (64 bit). It’s available in VST, VST3, AU, AAX Native and Audiosuite formats.

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