HOFA IQ-Series Reverb V2: The perfect hybrid reverb plug-in?

HOFA IQ-Series Reverb V2What makes the perfect reverb plug-in? The developers at HOFA have been chasing the answer to this question since the spring of 2019, when they decided to update the IQ-Series Reverb. They sent out a newsletter to 100,000 audio enthusiasts and collected their ideas and feature requests. Then, they listened to what their own HOFA studio crew had to say, and got to work. The result is the HOFA IQ-Series Reverb V2 plug-in, which is available today.

HOFA IQ-Series Reverb V2

At the core of the IQ-Series Reverb V2 are no less than four convolution engines, which draw from more than 1,500 included impulse responses. According to HOFA, they sampled everything from rooms, halls and churches to cars, forests and loudspeakers. They also brought several legendary hardware reverb units to HOFA studios to capture their sound, including blends of different devices.

The convolution engines are complemented by two algorithmic reverb units. You can combine and blend the six engines to create unique reverbs. There’s also a bunch of integrated effects like saturator, compressor, gate, ducker and EQ, for shaping the sound of the reverb.

The positioner lets you arrange signals freely in space. HOFA IQ-Series Reverb V2 is 5.1 surround capable, so it should lend itself to post production just as well as mixing and music production.

While the idea of blending IRs and algorithmic reverbs certainly isn’t new, IQ-Series Reverb V2 seems like a powerful plug-in that should be capable of a wide range of natural-sounding reverbs and special effects. I also really like the spectral display, which helps to visualize the frequency content of the reverb tail.

Price and compatibility

HOFA IQ-Series Reverb V2 is now available from the developer’s website. It’s on sale for EUR 199.90 until 30 November. This Black Week Special also gets you two free IR packs. After the sale ends, the regular price will be EUR 349.70. The upgrade from IQ-Series Reverb V1 is EUR 79.90.

For whatever reason, the website doesn’t list the system requirements and available plug-in formats. If IQ-Series Reverb V2 is anything like the predecessor, it’ll run on Windows and macOS in VST, VST3, AU, AAX and possibly RTAS versions. But it’s probably best to check with them if you’re in doubt.

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