KiloHearts: Get a free synthesizer and up to 60% off effects!

Kilohearts KHS OneNearing October’s end, developer KiloHearts of Phase Plant and Snapin system fame brought some goodies to our attention! First off, kHs is making its ONE software synthesizer free for a short time. There’s no contest or anything like that involved – just a free download! Also, the developer is taking up to 60% off the prices for its paid plug-ins. And mind you, that’s a lot of interesting, creative plug-ins you can grab at bargain prices!

Kilohearts kHs ONE

Free for a moment, kHs ONE is a subtractive polyphonic synthesizer that goes a long way. It features two oscillators, a sub oscillator, two filters, per-voice waveshaping, two LFO generators and three envelopes. These are complemented by an effects section with chorus, delay, EQ and limiter. The unison mode goes up to 8 voices. Yup, this one’s a beast. Did we mention it’s going free?

Kilohearts effects on sale

In addition, the following Kilohearts effects are on sale at the moment: Ring Mod, Distortion, Reverser, Formant Filter, Pitch Shifter, Trance Gate, Tape Stop, Haas Effect, Filter, Reverb, Phaser, Gate, Comb Filter, Disperser, Compressor, Faturator and Ladder Filter. They are available at pretty much bargain prices, starting from EUR 7.90. You can grab the ones you want from Kilohearts (use the coupon APGONE) or dealers like Thomann (affiliate link).

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