The House of Kush sale: up to 30% off on KUSH Audio plug-ins!

KUSH Audio plug-ins dealsKUSH Audio plug-ins have been generating a lot of buzz this year, and for a good reason – sound quality! Rather than wage a war between the analog and digital realms, KUSH likes a little bit of both. Which is why the plug-ins look and feel somewhat analog, but also take liberal advantage of the digital domain’s bit-perfect clarity and flexibility.

KUSH Audio plug-ins sale

Although a monthly payment of USD 9.99 (plus a one-time iLok purchase if you lack a dongle) gets you everything KUSH has and will release(d), subscriptions are certaily not for everyone. Pay and own for life is still the name of the game for most producers out there. So if you are looking into sorting out some KUSH plug-ins for your productions, now is the right time of the year.

The developer has a sale on all its plug-ins, with discounts reaching up to a hearty 30%. If you haven’t yet come across the House of Kush, feel free to have a look at the product page – chances are you’ll find something you want to own. Like the Omega series which, at USD 23 per plug-in, is an obvious bargain. It features the Omega N saturator, the Omega A harmonics generator, and the Omega 458A tube/transformer emulation.

It’s also worth checking out the compressors and equalizers, as the likes of Hammer DSP, Novatron, and Silika (read more) are among the best in market today. Note that individual purchases do not require an iLok dongle for authorization.

Here’s a link for the sale. Let us know if you grab anything for yoruself in the comments section below!


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