Best Sample Packs This Week: Beatbox vocals, a Nordish organ, morphing pads

The Best New Sample Packages This WeekThe best sample packs this week include beatbox magic, a Nordish organ, eastern ethnic instrumental fusion sounds, and morphing pads.

HelloSamples Beatbox Vocal Percussion

hellosamples beatbox vocal percussion sample pack artwork 

Bringing back the glory days of 90s beatboxing, this sample pack provides a variety of different sounds. It has 848 WAV samples which include snares, kicks, cymbals, and even bass. You also get additional items specifically for Maschine and Ableton. This collection of sounds is as unique as the technique itself, and is available for just $30.

Fanan Team ScandiClavia

fanan team scandiclavia sample pack GUI

This is a virtual emulation of an analog Nordish organ. There are two modules – a Hammond style electric organ and a precision organ. Both can be blended or used individually. It runs on a 32-bit engine with high dynamic range oscillators – each with its own distinct sound.

Additional features include two velocity options, filtering for each oscillator, stereo imaging enhancement, and built-in effects like chorus, wah, delay, and reverb. Like a real organ, there is also control over the drawbars. This quirky instrument is available for free – but only for Windows.

Black Octopus Sound Trojan Empire

Perfect for house, trap, and other similar styles just as much as sound design, this unique ethnic fusion library of eastern sounds includes a variety of elements like percussion, guitars, FX, atmospheres, violins and flutes. Also included are samples from instruments like the Bouzouki, Tzouras, Turkish Ney, and more. For just $36.95, it’s a solid pack of unique sounds.

Riot Audio Digital Analog Clouds

riot audio digital analog clouds sample pack GUI

These morphing pads blur the lines between analog and synthetic, and perfect for injecting some excitement into the standard pad sound. It uses the CLOUDS engine to create motion between the samples or groups. With two layers A and B, each with its own two sublayers, you can blend all four in uniquely hybrid ways via the streamlined control set. All sounds were recorded using top-shelf outboard gear and audio tools like Serum and Reaktor.

There are 10 instruments in total, and each comes with its own specific presets to give you a starting point. It requires Kontakt 5.8 or higher.

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