808303.studio: A free online TR-808 and TB-303 machine? That’s the rest of your day gone.

Roland 808303.studio808303.studio is a web-based music creation platform built on the Roland TR-808 Rhythm Composer and TB-303 Bassline developed by Yuri Suzuki and Roland. It’s an 808 and a 303 – now go and play!


Well, this is totally brilliant. It’s an authentically emulated TR-808 and TB-303 side-by-side on a webpage. The look is different but instantly engaging and you find yourself very quickly lost in pattern creation in the best possible way. They’ve even sampled the button clicks which is completely genius. They sound awesome, just like you’d expect them to although they are missing all the individual editing and tweaking possibilities. But let’s not moan about not being able to tune the kick drum on a fabulously free online techno machine.

Want to know how to use it? Well, let a Guy Called Gerald talk you through it.

The TR-808 has no controls over the sounds. You get a Fill pattern and an “AI Variation” which, I think, scatters some steps about for you. Other than that you have Shuffle and Tempo knobs. The TB-303 gives you a choice of waveform, the filter section, Decay and Accent which is all manual and not automated per step for anything fancy like that. The Random button is very helpful.

Hit Record

The idea is that you make your tune and then share it to your socials. It has a “REC” button at the top and it will capture your performance and have it all ready to send to the internet – nice!

This reminds me so much of the joy of Rebirth RB-338 from Propellerhead. It’s there, it’s free, accessible from anything – go make your tunes.

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