Universal Audio Luna 1.1: DAW update with interesting new features

Universal Audio LunaUniversal Audio has just released its first major update to its analog-inspired DAW – Luna. Version 1.1 is UA’s response to a number of user inquiries, with lots of new and interesting features. Looks like Luna is finally catching up with competing products and is on the right track to carving a niche for itself.

Universal Audio Luna Update Version 1.1

We rarely write about updates like these. However, the Universal Audio Luna version 1.1 includes enough new functions and bug-fixes to justify the attention. For example, there are important new functions like track grouping and the ability to edit various parameters of several tracks at the same time. On the more interesting side, “Session Versions” lets you save different versions of your song in separate “versions”. This way, you can do quick A/B comparisons or return to previous versions. There’s also the new bookmarks function that lets you set permanent markers for any important changes you’ve made to the session.

The new version now has comprehensive MIDI clock output, too. Latencies can be adjusted separately for each MIDI track. Stability and performance have also been improved with the addition of bug-fixes and clean-up of errors. You can learn more about the changes in the videos below.

Of course, this won’t be the last significant update to this relatively new DAW. There’s still room for improvement. But the combination of Luna, coupled with UA’s esteemed range of audio interfaces, and its collection of DSP-driven plug-ins already makes for a powerful recording and production setup.

Prices and dates

Luna is free for all owners of UA’s Thunderbolt audio interfaces, such as Apollo x16, x8p, x8, x6, x4, Twin MkII, Twin X, and Solo. You can download the DAW from the manufacturer’s website, and if you’re looking to purchase a UAD audio interface, you can follow this link here*. The installation of UAD software version 9.11.1 is also required and you’ll need macOS 10.14 or higher.

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