Native Instruments Super 8 flies solo

Native Instruments Super 8Super 8, Native Instruments vintage polysynth inspired 8-voice soft-synth has been released from its Reaktor shackles and can now run as a standalone VST3 plugin synthesizer.

Super 8

I love this synth. It’s one of the best things to come out of Native Instruments in ages in my humble opinion. It’s simple, fat, engaging, animated, full of warmth, drive instantly usable sounds. There are many software synths with more features or impressive innovations but what does it for me is that it’s immediately accessible and delivers on exactly what I imagine a vintage polysynth should sound like. It’s there, it works, it sounds brilliant and I’m not boggled by the interface.

Now it’s even better because they’ve freed it from the complexities of the Reaktor interface and you can use it as a synth all by itself. Not that Reaktor is particularly overwhelming when it comes to running instruments but having Super 8 available directly in your plug-in browser gives it a standing as a synthesizer worth its own space.

Native Instruments Super 8

Native Instruments Super 8

Super 8 is a VST3 plug-in and exists alongside the Reaktor version. It has had a bit of facelift to make it look better on hi-res screens. They’ve added 200 new presets although it won’t pickup any of the presets you made with the previous version which is a shame but I guess some things have to be broken in the move out of the Reaktor environment. It’s a free update to current owners of Super 8 or you can buy it for £89.

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