Gearnews’ Top 5 YouTube music production channels

best youtube music production channelsAs the world’s foremost video platform, YouTube is an endless source of production-related content. If you know where to look, that is! Cats, trolls, celebrities making fools out of themselves… yes, there’s too much noise in the crowded platform these days. That’s why we’d like to help out by introducing 5 of our favorite music production gurus on YouTube. Hit ‘Subscribe’ on each without hesitation, for these guys have it all, and they are giving it away largely for free!


Josh is a rocker and a consummate expert on everything Logic Pro X. His channel offers a threasure throve of education on home recording, production, and music/audio technology. Of particular note are the deep and up-to-date guides to Apple’s DAW. They are of the same professional quality, perhaps even more extensive than some of the paid-for courses I’ve taken. Love this dude!


Recording engineer and producer Glenn Fricker is known for his brutally honest perspectives on everything and anything used to record heavy music. They are peppered with a sizable serving of humor, which makes his videos all the more entertaining. It helps that the material is easy to digest and to the point, too. The videos feature plenty of band performances and in-field audio demos alongside great tutorials on recording guitars and drums. All in all, Glenn doesn’t miss a beat!

Ken ‘Hiwatt’ Marshall

I have a soft spot for Ken because he is the producer and live sound man for two of my most beloved acts – Skinny Puppy and Front Line Assembly. On his channel, he’s practically giving away the entire industrial production shop along with very helpful advice on composition, remixing, studio building, and production in general. His attitude is super friendly and you can see his eyes glowing with restless passion about his craft. Absolutely amazing content for fans and producers alike!


Of all the ridiculously good synth guys on YouTube (such as our own Robin), I think Mark Doty takes the cake and eats it. The man is a synthesizer savant who’s able to break down any synth’s performance features to the tiniest details and do so in an engaging, musical way. He is immediately on point with the latest synth releases and you can learn tons and tons about them just from watching. His uploads are super regular, the man hardly takes a break. An absolute favorite and a go-to channel for synth perspectives.

Andrew Huang

Partially deaf yet completely brilliant, Andrew has built a musical following of over 2 million subscribers, catapulting him into YouTube stardom. At the same time, he’s not some glossed over guy with bland, promotion-ridden content. Quite the opposite, Andrew is all about experimental music. He’s able to churn out a tune out of pretty much anything, from household objects and shaving supplies to radiators and sounds from outer space. His channel is just great for anyone who loves music for what it is and isn’t pinned to particular genres.

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