DJ Swivel Spread: 3 bands of stereo widening and enhancing

DJ Swivel SpreadSpread by DJ Swivel is a new multi-band stereo enhancer and imager plug-in with some cool ideas and features. With a simple, but effective GUI and all the essential functionality, Spread could become your new go-to stereo tool. It’s also quite affordable!

DJ Swivel Spread

After releasing the vocal mixing plug-in The Sauce in January, producer and mixing engineer DJ Swivel is back with another interesting tool for your DAW. Spread is a multi-band stereo enhancer and imager. DJ Swivel says that he uses stereo enhancers all the time in his mixes, so he set out to design one that delivers all the features he typically wants.

Spread offers three frequency bands with adjustable crossovers. You can set the stereo width for each band separately. According to the developer, the plug-in detects if it’s being used on a mono or stereo track. On mono tracks, it converts the signal to stereo and adds width. On stereo tracks, it allows you to widen the stereo image or make it narrower.

Spread also offers a side filter, which uses an M/S filter to roll off the low end below 200 Hz in the sides. DJ Swivel says that this helps to clean up muddiness caused by too much stereo information in the low frequencies. Furthermore, Spread’s tilt function lets you balance out the left and right levels without compromising the stereo image.

Those are some very useful features. I also like the clean and simple GUI of the plug-in, which offers all the necessary information and controls without getting overly complex. While it doesn’t offer any groundbreaking new features that we’ve never seen before, Spread looks like a quick and straightforward tool that offers just what you need to control the stereo image of your tracks. At the low introductory price, I’d call it a no-brainer.

Price and compatibility

DJ Swivel Spread is now available from the developer’s website for USD 15. This introductory offer lasts until the end of September, after which the price will increase to USD 39.

The plug-in runs on macOS 10.11 or higher and Windows 7 or higher in VST3, AU and AAX formats (64 bit). A free trial version is available.

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Komplete 13: New sounds, new guitar tones and absolutely everything else

NI Komplete 13Native Instruments has announced Komplete 13 bringing together everything that’s appeared since version 12 plus a handful of previously unseen sources of sound and a brand new version of Guitar Rig.

Komplete 13

It’s already an extraordinary collection of instruments, sounds and effects but Komplete 13 brings it up to 122 instruments and effects and 73 expansions filling 1.1TB of space. Version 12 was released 2 years ago and already included the Kontakt version 6 and Massive X which came along a bit later. Since then there have been a few additions like the excellent Super 8 synthesizer, Raum reverb and Crush pack plugins.

In terms of what’s actually brand new for version 13 the big news is Guitar Rig version 6. They say it’s “Revamped” with a “bold new look” (although it doesn’t look that different to me) new effects and new machine learning technology to model state-of-the-art hardware. Sounds exciting! And actually it looks pretty great too, check out the demo video:

For new instruments, we have Cremona Quartet which brings together four ultra-rare string instruments from the world’s most renowned luthiers, painstakingly sampled at their home in Cremona, Italy.

Otherwise, Komplete 13 absorbs all the most recent releases such as Pharlight, Arkhis and Cloud Supply, libraries like Mysteria and effects such as Lo-Fi Glow. So while there’s plenty to get your teeth into most of it was already released.

As before we have 5 versions to choose from starting with Start which is free, going to Select, then Standard and up to Ultimate and then Ultimate Collector’s Edition.

  • Startworth checking out – free
  • Select – 12 instruments, 4 effects, 5 expansions – £89 upgrade, £169 full version.
  • Standard – 52 instruments, 16 effects, 24 expansions – £169 upgrade, £499 full version.
  • Ultimate – 92 instruments, 26 effects, 39 expansions –  £339 upgrade, £999 full version.
  • Ultimate Collectors Edition – 96 instruments, 26 effects, 73 expansions – £419 upgrade, £1,349 full version.

The upgrade pricing always tends to elicit a sharp intake of breath as you try to calculate whether you are getting value for money for the extras on offer since the last version you shelled out for. It doesn’t matter which version you have the upgrade is the same and that often means you might put off upgrading a few years and wait until it feels more worth it. But it’s good to remember that it is an extraordinary bundle at an amazing price if you add it all up. You just have to balance the price of keeping up against which items you’d actually use. All versions will be available on the 1st of October.

NI Komplete 13

NI Komplete 13

There’s been some movement in Native Instruments as a company with a change in leadership and rumours of difficulties. Let’s hope that 13 is their lucky number.

More information

  • Native Instrument website.
  • More from Native Instruments.

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Mega deal: Huge savings of up to 77% on McDSP plug-ins and bundles!

McDSP plug-ins and bundles on saleNow this is the kind of deal we like! McDSP has slashed the prices on all of its plug-ins and bundles by up to 77%. It’s a great time to add these renowned mixing and mastering effects to your DAW without tearing a huge hole in your wallet! This offer lasts until November 1st, 2020.

McDSP deal: mixing and mastering plug-ins on sale

McDSP is known for high-quality software emulations of famed analog mixing and mastering hardware. Their portfolio includes compressors, limiters, equalizers, filters, channel strips, and even a bunch of delays. While modeling the analog hardware in great detail, McDSP usually adds a couple of features that are only possible in software. And their entire catalog is now on sale at unbelievably low prices.

Deal: These McDSP plug-ins and bundles are on sale

Check out this massive list, there’s something for everyone:

  • 6030 Ultimate Compressor Native
  • 6020 Ultimate EQ Native
  • Revolver Native
  • 6020 Ultimate EQ HD
  • 6030 Ultimate Compressor HD
  • 6050 Ultimate Channel Strip Native
  • 6050 Ultimate Channel Strip HD
  • AE400 Active EQ Native
  • AE400 Active EQ HD
  • FilterBank Native
  • FilterBank HD
  • NF575 Noise Filter Native
  • NF575 Noise Filter HD
  • 4020 Retro EQ Native
  • 4020 Retro EQ HD
  • 4030 Retro Comp Native
  • 4030 Retro Comp HD
  • 4040 Retro Limiter Native
  • 4040 Retro Limiter HD
  • CompressorBank Native
  • CompressorBank HD
  • SPC2000 Native
  • SPC2000 HD
  • ML4000 Native
  • ML4000 HD
  • MC2000 Native
  • MC2000 HD
  • FutzBox Native
  • FutzBox HD
  • Analog Channel Native
  • Analog Channel HD
  • Retro Pack Native
  • Retro Pack HD
  • Classic Pack Native
  • Classic Pack HD
  • AE600 Active EQ HD
  • AE600 Active EQ Native
  • EC-300 Echo Collection HD
  • EC-300 Echo Collection Native
  • Emerald Pack HD
  • Emerald Pack Native
  • Everything Pack HD
  • Everything Pack Native
  • 6034 Ultimate Multi-band HD
  • 6034 Ultimate Multi-band Native
  • NR800 HD
  • NR800 Native
  • 6060 Ultimate Module Collection Native
  • 6060 Ultimate Module Collection HD
  • ML8000 Native
  • ML8000 HD
  • SA-2 Dialog Processor Native
  • SA-2 Dialog Processor HD

Prices and compatibility

All of these plug-ins and bundles are now available at reduced prices. Savings range from about 26% to a whopping 77%; most are well over 50% off.

The first batch of that list is on sale at here*.

The second half is on sale at here*.

This offer lasts until November 1st, 2020.

The plug-ins are available for macOS 10.8 or higher and Windows 7 or higher in VST, VST3, AU and AAX formats. You’ll need an iLok dongle or a free iLok account for authorization. Demo versions are available from the developer’s website.

More information


(*affiliate links)

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Eventide Introduces FREE Pendulate Synth By Newfangled Audio

Pendulate by Eventide

Eventide has released Pendulate, a freeware virtual synthesizer developed by Newfangled Audio. The company has also announced that the full version of the Pendulate plugin, called Generate, is scheduled for release on September 8th. Pendulate is an innovative virtual monosynth that uses a new oscillator technology based on a double pendulum’s physics properties. It was […]

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Newfangled Audio Pendulate: Chaotic monosynth based on a swinging double pendulum – for free!

Newfangled Audio PendulateNewfangled Audio and Eventide are bringing in some new chaotic oscillator techniques in the form of Pendulate which drags sound out of the physics of swinging oscillations – and it’s yours for free!


The interface is really different and that’s the first thing that strikes you. It’s quite weird how by making all the knobs square it totally throws you off your game and it takes a little bit of time to relax into it. And then there’s the sound which is deliciously unruly and slightly boggling. The interface lights up with animated waveform displays which are unsettlingly placed behind the controls. It feels uncomfortably smashed together, unique and unusual but in really interesting ways.

The oscillator is based upon a Double Pendulum. Exactly what that means is hard to tell but what we get is an oscillator that moves smoothly from a sine wave into realms of complete noise and chaos with lots of interesting space in between. You get to control the amount of chaos, the shape of it and how much it’s animated – this is before we get to modulation. There are two sub-oscillators and a sync option between the chaos and non-chaos whatever that may mean. The oscillator is then passed to the Wavefolder section that folds, drives and mixes the signal into new tonal arenas. And finally a low pass gate with its own envelope, resonance and frequency controls to give it some Buchla 292 flavour.

Along the bottom we find the modulators. This is very reminiscent of the Sandman plug-in from Unfiltered Audio, in fact, they would make for a very exciting combination. You have an ADSR and LFO which you can patch into any of the available parameters in the synthesizer. All possible outputs are available and can be patched multiple times. While the individual square knobs glow with modulation the background waveforms animate their connections wonderfully.

Pendulate is a really interesting take on West coast synthesis and has the potential to offer some fresh and innovative sounds. It’s free to use and download and requires no iLok to run on MacOS, Windows in AAX, AU and VST format but you will need to register.

If you like Pendulate then you are going to thoroughly enjoy Generate which expands Pendulate into a multi-oscillator chaotic epic – more details on that coming soon.

More information

  • Pendulate giveaway webpage.
  • More from Newfangled Audio.

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