The PRS Private Stock Snarling Tiger is one wild cat

PRS Private Stock Snarling TigerI thought last week’s PRS banana hanger floating guitar stand was bizarre, but then this monstrosity turned up online, looking like a very upset Tony Tiger from the Frosties cereal packets!

They’re Great!

The PRS Private Stock ‘Snarling Tiger’ comes in a satin nitro Antique Natural Smoked Burst finish, with the ugliest tiger graphic I have ever seen.  The base model is a McCarty 594 featuring a one-piece curly maple top and figured mahogany back, paired with a curly maple neck and matching fingerboard with ebony binding and mother of pearl bird inlays and side dots. The headstock is also curly maple and has ebony binding. And, of course, a carved tiger covers a quarter of the body.

To my untrained eye, it looks terrible and just goes to show that all the money in the world still doesn’t buy you good taste, as this frosty little tiger appears to have mange!

PRS Private Stock Snarling Tiger

PRS Private Stock Snarling Tony Tiger McCarty 594

My eyes are bleeding!

The tiger was hand-carved by Floyd Scholz, and I can only guess that he had overdosed on sugary cereal when he went to work on this big cat. The unfortunate creature looks more like a caricature. And it seems to have ruined what could otherwise have been a very nice looking McCarty.

That front leg/paw is all kinds of wrong and looks like a poorly placed decal of a bad drawing to me. I cannot honestly find anything about this poor tiger that I think looks okay.

PRS Private Stock McCarty 594, well at least the back looks nice!

PRS Private Stock McCarty 594, well at least the back looks nice!

Turn off the lights

The guitar comes loaded with a pair of PRS 58/15 LY humbuckers and has a gold-with-nickel PRS two-piece stoptail bridge, and uses a set of PRS Phase III set-screw locking tuners. If you turned off the lights and played it in a pitch black room, I’m sure it will sound grrrreat!

RRP – USD 21990 (and you don’t even get a free plastic toy in the packet!)

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Harrison Consoles AVA Vocal Flow: a one stop shop for vocal processing

Harrison Consoles AVA Vocal FlowHarrison Consoles has announced the AVA Vocal Flow plug-in. The newest addition to the AVA series is a complete vocal processing chain with seven modules.

Harrison Consoles AVA Vocal Flow

When you’re working on getting a vocal sound just right, switching between different plug-ins can quickly get on your nerves. That’s why complete processing chains like JST Howard Benson Vocals, Audified ToneSpot Voice Pro or even DJ Swivel’s The Sauce are so popular: They offer everything you need to fine-tune your vocals, without having to switch between various EQs, compressors and other effects.

Harrison Consoles has now released a complete vocal chain of its own as part of the AVA series. AVA Vocal Flow includes seven modules designed for vocal processing.

There are two EQs. According to Harrison, Vocal Character is a 2-band EQ with “body” and “clarity” bands that follow the pitch of the vocal. Of course, they’ve also included the 32c Channel EQ with four bands and high and low cut filters. Harrison says that this EQ is directly based on its famed 32c consoles.

The dynamics section also offers two separate processors. There’s a De-Esser, which is based on the X-Tool DSP of Harrison MPC digital consoles. Next ist the Leveler, a compressor derived from the channel strip of the Harrison Mixbus DAW software.

With Chorus, Delay and Reverb, AVA Vocal Flow also includes three of the most common vocal effects. Everything comes together in the master section, which allows for flexible routing of the seven modules and offers input and output trim controls.

With these features, Harrison AVA Vocal Flow looks like a comprehensive vocal mixing package. As far as I’m concerned, the only thing missing is some sort of preamp/saturation module, which would open up even more sonic possibilities.

Price and compatibility

Harrison Consoles AVA Vocal Flow is distributed through Plugivery Distribution. There’s an introductory offer until September 6, 2020 for USD 89. After that, the MAP (minimum advertised price) will be USD 139.

The plug-in runs on macOS 10.7 or higher, Windows 7 or higher and Linux (GCC 5 compatible systems). It’s available in VST, AU and AAX formats. A free demo is available through the AVA plug-in installer, which includes all Harrison AVA plug-ins.

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Red Sounds Vox Engine For Kontakt Is FREE Until September 18th

Vox Engine by Red Sounds

Red Sounds is offering the Vox Engine for Native Instruments Kontakt as a free download from their website until September 18th, 2020. Despite usually being seen as uninteresting or sterile, pop production is more often than not just a hopeful crapshoot. Ungodly amounts of money are spent yearly to produce the next big chart-topping hit, […]

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SaschArt Releases EasyGater FREE Trance Gate VST/AU Plugin

EasyGater by SaschArt

SaschArt has released EasyGater, a freeware trance gate effect in VST and AU plugin formats for compatible DAW software on PC and Mac. Like the outdoorsman said to the Alligatoridae when they asked if he could turn in the quarterly earnings report early: “Easy, gater!” Aside from being someone who presumably builds or sells gates, […]

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Auburn Sounds Releases Renegate Free Gate Plugin (GIVEAWAY)

Auburn Sounds Releases Renegate Free Gate Plugin (GIVEAWAY)

Auburn Sounds have released Renegate Free, a freeware noise gate effect in VST, AAX, AU, and LV2 plugin formats for compatible digital audio workstation software on Windows, macOS, and Linux. The newly released Renegate plugin actually comes in two flavors: Renegate Free ($0) and Renegate Full ($39 regular price, $29 intro sale). The freeware edition […]

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Audified VocalMint Compressor: One knob, three stages of compression

Audified VocalMint CompressorAudified has expanded its series of one-knob processors with the new VocalMint Compressor. Despite having only one control, the plug-in shapes the signal using three separate stages of dynamic processing.

Audified VocalMint Compressor

When the creative juices are flowing, the last thing you want to deal with is overly complicated plug-ins. With its VocalMint line, Audified offers a series of one-knob vocal processors designed to help you make quick adjustments without a steep learning curve. After the VocalMint Saturator, the new VocalMint Compressor is the second plug-in of the series.

On the surface, the plug-in looks like there’s not much to it. One big knob lets you dial in the desired amount of compression – it really couldn’t be any simpler than that. But Audified says that VocalMint Compressor is much deeper than it looks. According to the developer, the plug-in uses a combination of three different compression stages, each fine-tuned to deal with various aspects of the human voice.

The processing chain begins with the “Smash compressor”. After that, the signal passes through a model of an analog valve compressor, before reaching a multi-band compressor that delivers the finishing touches.

Audified says that the second and third stages also deliver a bit of EQ shaping, fine-tuned to make a vocal track sound more open. The developer claims that the effect is so subtle that it won’t interfere with any other EQ adjustments you may be making.

Audified VocalMint Compressor

The menu offers some additional settings

Open up the menu, and you’ll discover that VocalMint Compressor does in fact offer a couple of other settings. By adjusting the dBU/dBFS calibration, you can select the amplitude at which the compression becomes more pronounced. While not the same as a threshold control, it seems like it has a similar effect. There’s also a zoom control for adjusting the size of the GUI.

Of course, one-knob plug-ins like VocalMint Compressor aren’t designed to be precision tools for the fine art of sound shaping. But in a creative moment, they can be a great way to make quick adjustments without disturbing the magic.

Price and compatibility

VocalMint Compressor is now available from the developer’s site for USD 79. You can download a free demo version to try it out.

The plug-in runs on Windows 7 or higher (32/64 bit) and macOS 10.9-10.15 (64 bit) in VST, VST3, AU and AAX formats.

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