MOK Waverazor 2.5 update with added PluginGuru Unify

Waverazor and PluginguruThe mad MOK Waverazor experimental virtual synthesizer gets a big chunk of an update plus a library of new patches via the PluginGuru Unify plug-in host platform. 

Waverazor 2.5

There’s nothing quite like Waverazor. It looks like nothing else on the planet and is completely stunning to watch and awesome to interact with. It slices oscillators and crashes into itself in very pleasing and piercing ways. It’s definitely one of my favourite synths.



Version 2.5 brings in some tasty new features. You get 3 new filters:

  • CombLPF – comb filter but can also be used as a reverb building block.
  • All Pass Filter – for creating phasers, reverbs and timbral shifts in distortion.
  • TapLine8 – 8 short delays useful for physical modelling.

3 new effects:

  • TapLine8X – like the filter but with longer delay times.
  • Reverb – with all the hidden parameters exposed.
  • Dual-stereo delay – 2 delays on each side with tempo sync, reverse and freeze.

2 new modulators:

  • Step Generator – modular style.
  • Random – for organic movement.


The Unify host from PluginGuru allows for a bunch of layering and cross mixing with other plugins all within the Unify environment and stored in the Unify library. It’s an immensely powerful way of building bigger instruments and epic soundscapes. With the 2.5 update comes 423 Waverazoe Factory Patches in Unify’s native format.

Special price

Waverazoe 2.5 is available now for $99 until the end of August. It’s a free update to registered users.

More information

  • Mok Waverazor page.
  • PluginGuru Unify page.


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