iConnectivity mioXC: The world’s first MIDI USB-C interface?

iconnectivity miOXCUSB-C is becoming ubiquitous among computers and smart gadgets. Nowadays, almost all new devices, especially smartphones and tablets, generally have a USB-C connection and hardly anything else. The plugs are reversible and easy to use. Good reasons why the new iConnectivity mioXC not only has a USB-C port, but is also compatible with mobile devices. However, this is nothing new for iConnectivity, as the company made a name for itself with interfaces compatible with both tablets and computers. Previously, this type of interface was rare, and either somewhat compromised, or a bit expensive.

The smallest class-compliant MIDI interface?

So far, iConnectivity has offered medium and large solutions with several MIDI ports. But what about a very simple MIDI interface that’s absolutely sufficient for a Live session on the go? This means a MIDI in and a MIDI out connection, with no need to install any drivers because the device is Class Compliant.

The new iConnectivity mioXC seems to cover this ground pretty well. The company says it’s the world’s first MIDI USB-C interface. MIDI clock delay is supposedly a non-issue, as the interface employs a dedicated 32-bit ARM processor. It can also handle SysEx data, so preset ‘dumps’ and MIDI data transfer (oh, the pain!) are a given. The prospect of simple, hassle-free connection for your MIDI controllers or instruments to whatever computer you have is pretty alluring. More time for creativity!

The interface supports all major platforms – macOS, Windows, Android and iOS. There’s also a USB-C to USB-A adapter included. The price is a very fair USD 50.

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