BABY Audio Parallel Aggressor saturator plug-in: Spank and Heat your audio!

Baby Audio Parallel AggressorDeveloper BABY Audio presents an interesting take on parallel processing with Parallel Aggressor. The plug-in is a compressor and saturator unit, loosely based on BABY Audio’s I Heart NY and Super VHS plug-ins.

BABY Audio Parallel Aggressor

Parallel processing, as many of you no doubt know, is all about blending multiple copies of an audio track, each processed individually for maximum impact. This way you can achieve a more transparent and natural-sounding result, rather than over-processing a single track to potential doom.

What Parallel Aggressor does is split your audio three ways – Dry + 2 processed tracks. The latter are put through the Spank and Heat engines. Spank is a heavy, punchy compressor and Heat is an equally non-subtle saturator. Thus, you can drive the processed copies pretty hard while still maintaining integrity with the original track. Clever!

Baby Audio Parallel Aggressor - 2

The plug-in’s sleek interface is available in three shades – Light, Gray and Dark. It features control knobs for the Spank and Heat amount, as well as three mix faders to blend the signals at will. Both Spank and Heat have two “styles”. Spank has “Extra Punch” and “Extra Smack” buttons, joined by a side-chain filter and mono summing. Likewise, Heat has “Extra Hot”, “Tone” and HP/LP filters.

At the end of the proverbial circuit is an auto gainer which takes care of matching (at least roughly) the original input level. This makes the plug-in’s output consistent and the processing easier to judge. Finally, 25 presets done by named producers are there to get you started.

All in all, Parallel Aggressor looks like a potent tool for fattening up tracks and adding bite without going overboard. I like the concept for sure, and the plug-in has a quality feel to it.

Price and availability

Parallel Aggressor is being sold for USD 29 (introductory price). A free trial version is available. Formats include VST, VST3, AU and AAX for macOS and Windows computers.

More information and audio samples

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