Blackstar’s Live Logic integrates your guitar with a DAW and MIDI with ease

Blackstar Amplification Live LogicThe new Blackstar Amplification Live Logic is a multi-function pedal that allows you to integrate your pedalboard with MIDI and your DAW. No more running back and forth between your computer and your instrument, everything you need is at your feet.

Blackstar  Live Logic

Us guitarists already have our hands full when it comes to playing our instrument. Thankfully, the new Blackstar Live Logic foot controller takes some of the pressure off when we are working with our DAW of choice.

The controller combines MIDI, USB, and the ability to add extra expression pedals, along with six footswitches that can control the host DAW. This frees you up to play, as you switch between patch changes, recording paths, and more. The simple layout should let your creativity flow uninterrupted, perfect for those times when you need to get your ideas down quickly.

Blackstar Live Logic foot controller

Blackstar Live Logic foot controller

Ableton Live

Out of the box, the Live Logic already has official integration to Ableton Live, so users of this popular DAW can hit the ground running. However, don’t be put off if you aren’t an Ableton user, as you can set it up with any DAW of your choice.

And in case you haven’t quite settled on a DAW yet, the package ships with a free copy of Ableton Live Lite for you to try out your new controller with.

Custom App

There is also a free downloadable app for PC and Mac with which you can assign custom functions to each of the Footswitches. This allows you to really make this pedal your own and have it set up just the way you want it.

Blackstar Live Logic app

Blackstar Live Logic app]

All the power

As mentioned earlier, the unit has MIDI ins and outs, two expression inputs, a USB port, and a 9V DC power input. It can also be bus-powered, or run via USB or battery, so you shouldn’t have any issues finding a power source for it. I think this unit is pretty versatile, and can be especially useful in live situations, where it can basically control anything with MIDI, including lighting rigs, synths/samplers, or other pedals.

RRP –  USD 179.99

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