2getheraudio Space Duck: ducking delay and reverb with many extras

2getheraudio Space Duck2getheraudio has released Space Duck, a delay and reverb plug-in with integrated ducking for both effects. Space Duck also offers a few extras for creative sound design, including modulation, bitcrushing and several filters.

2getheraudio Space Duck

Ducking delays seem to be a thing this year. We’ve already seen Comeback Kid and Dynamic Delay, and now 2getheraudio is joining the fun with Space Duck. But a quick glance at the GUI reveals that this plug-in has quite a bit more to offer than just ducked delays.

The idea behind ducking delays and reverbs is simple: The ducker (aka sidechain compressor) reduces the volume of the effect while the input signal is playing, which means that the effect can only be heard when there’s room for it in the mix. Space Duck offers separate delay and reverb sections, both with their own ducking function.

The essential controls are accessible in simple view. The stereo delay has separate time and feedback knobs for the left and right channels. The reverb offers various algorithms to choose from, as well as a size control. In the center of both sections, you’ll find a large ducking knob alongside a release control. This lets you dial in the amount of ducking and the time it takes for the effect level to come back up when the input signal is silent. Both sections also offer separate level controls.

2getheraudio Space Duck

Expert view

Several buttons hint at the additional creative options available in Space Duck, which can be edited in depth in expert mode. In the delay section, this gives you access to modulation (with rate and depth controls) and fractal, which seems to be a ring modulator of sorts. The reverb section offers a granular processing effect and a formant filter. In expert mode, both sections also offer adjustable bitcrusher and decimator (downsampling) effects, as well as high and low pass filters.

With these ingredients, Space Duck seems like a versatile plug-in: While providing quick access to the essential functions of ducking delay and reverb effects, it also offers many creative options for sound designers.

Price and compatibility

Space Duck is now available from 2getheraudio. The company offers an interesting pricing model, which lets you name your own price using a slider. They suggest a price of USD 10–39 for students, USD 40–69 for artists and USD 70–100 for professionals.

The plug-in runs on macOS 10.10 or higher and Windows 7 or higher in VST, AU and AAX formats (64 bit). A free demo version is available.

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SoundCloud introduces online mastering for your tracks

SoundCloud online masteringOnline mastering services have grown into serious competitors to traditional mastering studios over the last few years. In a move that seems like a logical consequence, streaming giant SoundCloud has now introduced its own online mastering service in collaboration with Dolby. After uploading your tracks to SoundCloud, you now have the option to have them mastered automatically.

SoundCloud online mastering

With more and more online mastering services becoming available, it seemed only like a matter of time until SoundCloud would implement its own service. Why leave that revenue to someone else, when you can keep it to yourself, right? Now, the company has teamed up with Dolby to integrate online mastering directly into the popular streaming platform.

As of now, the new service still seems pretty basic. After uploading your tracks, you have a choice of four mastering algorithms, which focus on different frequency ranges and loudness targets: Thunder, Aurora, Clear Sky and Sunroof. For example, Thunder is intended for bass-heavy tracks, while Clear Sky is a transparent mode meant for pop music and similar styles. You can preview and compare the results using a selectable 30-second snippet of your track, and adjust the mastering intensity. After deciding on a mastering style, the system will render the final master in a matter of minutes.

SoundCloud online mastering

After deciding on a mastering style, the file is rendered within minutes

According to SoundCloud, the new service works on files submitted in WAV (16/24 bit), FLAC, AIFF and MP3 formats. It delivers the final master in the same format. The company recommends that you leave about 3-6 dB of headroom in your uploaded mixes, and minimize the use of compression and limiting. The maximum length is 10 minutes.

The quality of the final results will of course depend on your uploaded mixes; don’t expect the service to work magic. Unfortunately, the marginal audio quality of the demo video makes it hard to tell how good (or bad) it sounds. But SoundCloud lets you try it out for free on an unlimited number of snippets of your own tracks, so it might be worth a try.


For the new service, SoundCloud charges USD 4.99 per track or the equivalent in your local currency. The uploaded file format does not affect the price, which sets it apart from some other online mastering services.

If you’re a SoundCloud Pro Unlimited subscriber, you’ll get three masters per month at no extra cost, and a discounted price for additional masters.

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Native Instruments helps out with new Community Drive sound pack

NI Community DriveIn a bid to help musicians affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, Native Instruments has just launched a new Community Drive sound pack. Funds raised by the donationware – which comes with stems, samples and production kits made in collaboration with 14 top artists and producers – will be split and donated to several music charities.

Community Drive by Native Instruments

The new Community Drive sound pack from Native Instruments contains 268 samples, 67 loops, 35 kits, and 58 presets. These are segmented into 12 Maschine kits, 10 Battery kits, 14 Logic DMD kits, 14 Ableton Live kits, 11 Massive presets, 27 Monark presets, 10 Prism presets, 10 Skanner XT presets, and 74 loops alongside standalone samples.

The sound pack includes samples and presets from several leading industry professionals including Take A Day Trip, Just Blaze, Sia, Richard Devine, Peaches, Kimbra, and Junkie XL.

Donate what you want

The Community Drive sound pack is free to download. However, donations are obviously encouraged, and Native Instruments has pitched in with $100,000 to get the ball rolling. All proceeds from the sound pack will be donated to musician charity funds such as MusiCares, Musicians Without Borders, Heart N Soul, among others.

You can watch the video below for more information, or follow the link to download the sound pack for yourself.

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Psyscope Is A FREE Beat-Synced Oscilloscope VST Plugin

Psyscope by Psylab

Psylab has released Psyscope, a freeware multi-channel beat-synced oscilloscope in VST plugin format for digital audio workstations on Windows. Psyscope is a beat-synced oscilloscope that can analyze up to four audio channels simultaneously. The waveforms from each channel can be summed, showed individually, or displayed as differently colored layers. The latter option is particularly useful […]

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