The Brainworx Rockergain 100 plugin: An Orange Rockerverb for your DAW

Brainworx Rockergain 100The new¬†Brainworx Rockergain 100 is a software emulation of¬†the 100 Watt monster that is the Orange Rockerverb valve head. And thankfully, as it is a plugin, you don’t have to go deaf to hear it in all its glory. Read on to find out more.

Brainworx Rockergain 100

The Brainworx Rockergain 100 is a new virtual amp based on the hugely popular¬†Orange Rockerverb¬†head. The plugin has two channels, and emulates the four¬†EL34 tubes of the¬†power section and the four¬†12AX7s of the preamp section of the amp that it’s based on. Its clean channel¬†offers controls over BASS and TREBLE, while the¬†dirty channel adds an extra one for MID.¬†The plugin¬†looks¬†simple enough to use,¬†and has some neat extra features that you can use to further tweak your sound.

Brainworx Rockergain 100

Brainworx Rockergain 100 a viral Orange Rockerverb for your DAW


Extra features include a LoFi delay, noise gate, filter (tight/smooth), power soak, and a bypass for pre- and power-amp sections. There are also 120 recording chains on offer, that are based on impulse responses produced on a Neve desk.

Brainworx Rockergain 100

Brainworx Rockergain 100 for your DAW

The plugin runs on¬†macOS 10.9, or higher¬†and¬†Windows 7, or higher¬†in¬†AAX, AU, VST,¬†and¬†VST3¬†formats. There doesn’t appear to be a¬†standalone¬†version, which is a pity. Looks like you’ll have to fire up your DAW to use this software.

Introductory Pricing

Currently, it has an introductory price tag of $129.99 after which it will got up to the regular¬†$149.99. In case you’d like to try it out first, there’s a free 14 day trial of the plugin for you to play with. Click the link below for more information.

RRP – USD 149.99

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